Bradbury Bible

This Bible record was separated from the Bible. It was
accompanied by two other Bible records from the same
family, another Bradbury Bible and a Butler Bible. The
Bibles themselves are no longer with these papers.

Many of the entries on these pages were copied from the
other Bradbury Bible (which appears to be older). There
is more detail in this Bible, and later dates added in.

The pages look to date around the late 19th century.

This family is found in Limington, York County, Maine
in the 1850 US Federal Census. All were born in Maine,
and Samuel is listed as a physician, and his son John
as a farmer.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire.


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[Page One -- Marriages]

Samuel M. Bradbury Born Aug. 22. 1805.
Susan Brackett " Nov. 11. 1811.
Married December 25, 1831.

Samuel M. Bradbury
Elizabeth Brackett Born Feb 15, 1821.
Married December 25, 1847.

James Otis Bradbury
Ella S. Butler Born May 9, 1855.
Married August 5, 1877.

Frank M. Bradbury
Allie S. Cousins Born August 12. 1858.
Married, Feb. 13, 1886.

Hardy Henry McKenney Born March 22. 1862.
Lizzie Brackett Bradbury Married May 25 1895.

[Page Two -- Births]

Children of Samuel M. and Susan Bradbury.
Susan Bradbury.
John Brackett Bradbury, Born at Parsonsfield, Me. June 1, 1833.
Ann Elizabeth Bradbury, Born at Limington Me. August. 24. 1837.

Children of Samuel M. and Elizabeth B. Bradbury.
Infant Daughter Born at Limington Me. Oct. 28. 1848.
James Otis Bradbury Born at Limington Me. July 19. 1850.
Eva Carrie Bradbury Born at Limington, Me. October 28, 1854.
Frank Manley Bradbury Born at Limington, Me. February 28, 1858.
Lizzie Brackett Bradbury Born at Limington Me. May 27, 1868.

[Page Three -- Births]

Children of James O. and Ella L. Bradbury.
Mary Alma Bradbury Born at Limington, Me. Sept. 26, 1882.
Eva Elizabeth Bradbury Born at Hartland Me. April 12, 1886.

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Susan Wife of Samuel M. Bradbury.
Died November 27, 1846.
Infant Daughter, Died Oct. 28, 1848.
Ann Elizabeth Bradbury " May 8, 1855.
John Brackett Bradbury, " April 27. 1858.
Eva Carrie Bradbury. " August 24, 1862.
Samuel M. Bradbury " September 23, 1888
Ella S wife of Jas. Otis Bradbury
" June 28. 1889
Elisabeth B. wife of S. M. B.
" April 4 - 1899
Eva Elisabeth Bradbury, December 24, 1906.
Died at Norton Mass. buried at Saco. Me.
Frank Manley Bradbury died January 27, 1914 at Limington Me.
(Buried at Saco, Me.)
Allie S., wife of Frank M. Bradbury died Mar. 22, 1924 at
Portland, Me. (Buried at Limington Me.)

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