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WYATT Family Bible

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(The following information was taken from a family Bible which originally
belonged to Mima Marie Wyatt Worley. There were seven pages which had
handwritten information on them. Pg. 1 notes were written on the last
page of the chapter of Malachi. Pg. 2 notes was titled "Family Register",
following the chapter of Malachi. P3 was titled "Children's Names".
Pg. 4 was titled "Marriages", and Pg. 5 was titled, "Deaths". Pg. 6 was a
loose scrap of paper inserted between the pages. Pg. 7 notes were written
on a map page. The Bible itself was titled, "Holy Bible Red Letter Edition".
The cover was of black leather which had deteriorated leaving only about 1/2
of the front cover which appeared to be singed (as in a fire), the binding
edge intact, and most, but not all of the back cover intact as the edges were
singed. What was left of the front cover was detached from the rest of the
book. The first 20 or so pages showed signs of being burnt around edges. This
Bible is currently in the pocession of Robert and Lorese Brown of Merced
California as of May 1999. Spelling and punctuation transcribed as originally
written. Tucked between two pages in the center of the book was a small lock
of blond hair, slightly curled. The notation on pg. 7 is believed to be the
name of the doctor who delivered Ethel Irene Worley at birth.)

(Pg. 1.)

Mother madin name Ruth Lowry

Fathers name Lee Wyatt

Mima M. Wyatt

Born march 12, 1900

Lebanon, MO

Laclede C.

(Pg. 2.)

Family Register

Parent's Names

Husband, Jess Worley

Born, Oct. 3 1892

Wife, Mima Wyatt

Born, March. 12. 1900

Married June. 2. 1915

at Calvin Wyatts


Lebanon Missouri.

(Pg. 3.)

Children's Names

Ethel Irene Worley

Born Nov - 20- 1917

Clyde Richard Worley

Century Okla

Born Aug 16. 1920

Died Jan 20 - 197- (1977 or 1979)

Dorothy Mae. Worley

Born: Jan. 22. 1924

Clifford Eugene Worley

Born feb 25 1925

Ruby. Myrll. Worley

Born nov. 2- (23?) 1930

Letha Worley. Born June. 27 1916

Kennith Leroy Worley

Born Oct. 7. 1932

Shirley Dean Worley. Born Dec 9 1934

(Pg. 4.)


Mr. Jess Worley

Miss Mima Wyatt

were married

June 2 191- Lebanon MO.

Mr E.J. Wyatts Res.

Lebanon LaClede. Co. MO.

(Pg. 5.)


Letha Worley Born June 27 1916

Died July 13 1916

Ruby Marie Worley

Born Nov 23. 1930

died Dec 30 1930

Jess Eli Worley Born 1892

Died. Oct. 11. 1959 age 60

Mima Uber Born 1900

Died June 18-1974 at home of daughter

Irene Brown 1541 Healy Rd. Merced

(Pg 6.)

Ethel Irene Worley Born 1917

Married Mr. Gene Brown 1934

Baxter Springs Kansas

By Jeramey Rogers - - - (our ?) p - - - - of church

Mr. Jess Worly Worley

Died 1952 Oct. 10 Baxter Springs Kansas

(scribbled crossways on the paper)

Miama Worley

122 East 11 - h

(Pg. 7.)

Dr Lewis, - outhat Okla.

Nov 20 1917

Ethel Irene Worley