Woolverton Bible

This Bible was purchased on eBay in July, 2000.
Its provenance is described by the seller:

"...I rescued this Bible from a barn in Central Pennsylvania, on the edge of Dutch Country. The Bible had apparently long (scores of years?) been in that barn, in a trunk, that trunk apparently opened, judging from the dust on that Bible.

The barn was owned by a couple of Dutch bachelor brothers who had accumulated an amazing collection of family heirlooms and antiques of every description in their small home. In fact, I'm told that the last of the brothers had to sleep on the floor, because the bed and everything else in the house was covered in antiques.

It took seven days for the contents to be auctioned, the longest auction I've ever attended (the next closest was a whole antique village, and that only took three days). Before the auctioneers could enter the house, they had to remove items into temporary storage to get enough room to turn around."

It was published in 1838 by R.P. Desilver of Philadelphia.

It is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire, 114 Hilltop Lane, Sleepy Hollow, IL (July, 2000). It happens to be
MY family Bible, unlike every other Bible on the Bible Records Online site. It was this Bible that started my interest. I stumbled upon it quite by accident; it was the first Bible I purchased.

It is my understanding that Dennis Woolverton is descended from THE Charles as follows:

Charles Woolverton

Son Roger Woolverton

Son Charles Woolverton

Son Dennis Woolverton

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[Page 1 -- Marriages]

Benjamin Saxton Woolverton Was Married to Mary Daughter
Of Jacob Reed April 18th 1834

[Page 2 -- Births & Deaths]

Dennis Woolverton was born July 16, 1768

Mary Saxton wife of Dennis Woolverton was born April 18th 1780

Benjamin Saxton Woolverton was born February 15th 1810

Mary Reed Wife of B.S. Woolverton was born Dec 16th 1813

Benjamin S. Woolverton Departed this life Feb 16th AD 1841
Aged 31 year 1 day

Mary R. Kennedy wife of J. P. Kennedy departed this life
Oct. 9th, 1878

[Page 3 -- Births & Deaths]

Isabella Woolverton Daughter of Benj. And Mary Woolverton
Was born March 23rd 1835

Jacob Reed Woolverton was born January the 16th 1837

George Higgins Woolverton was born May 1st 1839

David Woolverton was Born Oct the 11th 1840

______________________[line in Bible]

Arthur Willard Kennedy son of Jos P Kennedy and Mary
R. Kennedy was Born Oct 28th, 1851

Harriet E. Kennedy Born March 13th, 1855

George Higgins Woolverton Died Dec the 9th 1839

[Clippings in the Bible]

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