Welton Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Fragmenta Genealogica,
Volume 10, Frederick Arthur Crisp, 1904, p 1.


Below this line, verbatim from source, except for some minor
formatting changes. "Ino" referred to below is
"In" with a little, superscript "o" next to it. I think it means John,
similar to the Jno abbreviation.


Welton Family

This yeare of our lorde 1583 was Born and crisnd myles mayhew the
14 day of december being.

John Lunnis was baptiede the viij of September 1594.

John Welton the Son of Robert Welton of Martha his wife was born ye
25th of July in the year of our Lord 1690.

Robert Welton was born ye 3 of September 1691.

William Welton was born June ye 17th 1693.

Martha Welton was born May the 12th 1695.

Mary Welton was born febvary ye It 1696/7.

Cornalis Welton was born April ye 11th 1698.

Martha(?) Welton ye Second ... ye 9th of March 1700.

Ino Welton the Son of Ino & Ann Welton was born Sepbr ye 11th 1743
Between 7 & 8 in the Morning on Sunday.

Mary was born Sepbr ye 17th 1744 Between one & two Monday morning.

Robt was Born Sepbr ye 21st 1745 at twelve at Night Saterday.

Ann was Born Sepbr ye 26th 1746 at Eight Morning Friday.

Martha was Born Sepbr ye 9th 1747 three Morning Wednesday.

Willm was Born Octobr ye 18th 1748 Eight Morning Twesday.

Robt ye 2d was Born March ye 12th 1749-50 Monday afternoon.

Dinah was Born Decemr ye 20th 1751 Friday afternoon B: 3 & 4.

Cornelius was Born Decem: ye 4, 1751 N:stile Monday 3 m:

Daniel was Born Novem: 21, 1755: ye morning Friday.

Edmund was Born March 22, 1758 ye 9 N: Wednesday.

Cornelius 2d the 18 of Decr 1765 (?3) Thursday.

William Welton The Son of John Welton Was Born Aprill the 9, 1725.
Thomas John Welton Jan: 12, 1759.

From a Bible with Apocrypha, "Imprinted at London in powles Churchyarde
by Richarde Jugge, Printer to the Queenes Maiestie;" in my possession. -- F.A.C.