Voorhees Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & Co.

This Bible is in pretty good condition. Pages and binding are
intact and in OK condition. There is splitting where the cover
meets the spine, and the spine itself has about 1" square of loss.
The back cover is nearly off. The pages have minimal foxing,
except on or near engravings pages.

There is a letter inside notifying the family of a funeral.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Front Flyleaf]

Ann B. Brokaw
May 1856

[Page One -- Marriages]

Ralph Voorhees was married to Ann B. Brokaw Dec. 9th
1857 by Rev. R. K. Rodgers D.D.

Margaretta Voorhees was married to Wm. Brewster Jan. 12
1887 by Rev. M. H. Hutton.

[Page Two -- Births]

Ralph Voorhees son of Ralph and Sarah Voorhees was born
April 13th 1826.

Ann B. Brokaw, daughter of Abram and Eliza Brokaw, was born
Oct. 13th 1823.

Ralph Erskine, son of Ralph and Ann Voorhees, was born Sept.
8th 1861.

Sarah Margaretta Van Cleef daughter of Ralph and Ann Voorhees
was born July 5th 1865

[Page Three -- Births]

Helen Letitia Brewster daughter of Wm. B and Margaretta Brewster
born Nov. 21. 1887

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Ralph Erskine, son of Ralph and Ann Voorhees died March 13th

Ralph Voorhees son of Ralph and Sarah Voorhees died Sept. 14, 1881.


Ralph Voorhees Esq. family
Middlebush N.J.


Ralph Voorhees Esq. & family,

You are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services of

ON THURSDAY, NOV. 20th, 1879,

at 1/2 past 11 o'clock A.M. at the First Presbyterian Church,
New Brunswick, N.J.

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------