Tyler Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Philadelphia,
Kimber and Sharpless, No. 8 South 4th Street. Undated, but this publisher
published from the early 1820s through the mid-1840s. This is definitely
a later edition.

This Bible is in good condition. The binding is tight and nearly unblemished.
The pages are also in good condition.

This family was from Essex, Massachusetts. There is some ephemera tucked
in the back -- a newspaper clipping of the ruins of Cowdray Castle, Sussex
County, England; a clipping of white cloth with "Susan W Tyler May Virtue and
Truth be your Guide" written on it; a late 19th century die-cut reading "Drap D'ete'"; and an engraving of Dr. John A. Samson, M.D. (or Lamson).

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire, tracy@stclaire.org.


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[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

$2.50 Net


Wm B. Tyler

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Moses C. Tyler
married Susan Willson Baldwin

Geo. Francis Tyler and Hannah Ann Sanborn
were married

William Baldwin Tyler
and Elizabeth Sayward Smith
married Jule 17 1858

Lydia Marshal Tyler married
Jerome Carter
on his death
Loren S. Tyler

Frank Berry Tyler
Married Minnie T Tyler
June 20 1894

Louis Porter Nason
Married Hattie Osgood Tyler

Herbert Tyler
Married Mattie Jane Kinkaid
Nov 10 1892

Marjorie L Barfour
and Allan F. Roe

Blanche O Balfour
and David A. Turner

Priscilla Balfour
and John David Oct 26 1940

[Page Three -- Births]

Moses C. Tyler
Born May 7 1805

Susan W. Baldwin
Born Apr 29 1805

Geo F. Tyler
Born Mar. 26. 1830

Wm B. Tyler
Born Aug, 13. 1831

Lydia Marshal Tyler
Born Jan 30. 1834

Louisa Frances Tyler
Born June 27, 1838

[Page Four -- Births]

To W. B. and E. S. Tyler

Frank Berry Tyler
Sept. 26, 1859

Hattie Osgood Tyler
Mch 25 1862

Herbert Tyler
Jan 16 1867

Parker Tyler
Sept 30 1868

To Jerome & Lydia M. Carter

Fanny Carter
Jerome Carter Jr.

To Frank B & Minnie P. Tyler

Ruth Tyler
Apr 4 1899 [This might not be April]

To Louis P and Hattie Osgood (Tyler) Nason

Gladys Louis Nason
Jan 7 - 1890

Osgood Nason
Aug 16 1892

Louis Tyler Nason
Dec 6 1905

To Herbert & Mattie J. Tyler

Mildred Allen Tyler
Feb 12 1895

To Gladys Louise Nason
and Lawrence Balfour

Marjorie L. Balfour Aug 8, 1912
Blanche O Balfour Dec 16, 1914
Priscilla Balfour June 30, 1916

To Blanche O Balfour and David A Turner

Joan Carroll Turner May 8 1934

To Marjorie L. Balfour and Allan F Roe

Lawrence Allan Roe July 8 1939

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Moses Coburn Tyler
Feb 1897 -- 92 years

Susan W. Tyler
Oct. 7, 1884 72 yrs 5 mo. 8 dys

Geo F. Tyler
Oct 1901

Lydia M. Tyler
Dec. 20, 1902 -- 68 y 10 m 20 days

William B. Tyler
Nov 22. 1906 75 y 3m 9 days

Louisa F. Tyler
Oct. 30 -- 1910 -- 72 yrs 4m 3dys

Elizabeth S. Tyler (Smith)
wife of Wm. B Tyler
April 29 1911 77 yrs 4m 11ds

Frank B. Tyler
son of Wm B & Elizabeth S.
Died June 1, 1938

Hattie O. Nason (nee Tyler)
Daughter of W.B. & Elizabeth
Died May 13 1947

Fannie Carter
Jerome " Jr

Osgood Nason
Drowned Sept 1 1903

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