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This info is from three different Bibles and I simply transcribed one
after the other. They were in multiple hands and some entries in
pencil--many unique spellings, too! The earliest one is from about
1820. These were passed down from my maternal grandmother and, I
believe, were her parents' Bibles which she added to. Her name
was Naomi (called herself Madge) Swearingen Shewbart.

There is a photograph of a woman of middle age with this on the
back: "This is a picture of my fathers only sister. My Aunt May.
After whom my sister was named and I gave my daughter Gretchen "May"
it pleased my father so much that I gave my first child the name of
his beloved sister. I remember her well--she was truly beautiful.
Cleve named his girl Della May."



John Swearingen and Prilla Jane Lovell married December 26, 1880.
Grover Cleveland Swearingen was born September 23 A.D. 1885.

Monroe Shewbart and Naomi Swearingen married Feb ll, 1906 in Pomona, MO

Parents Births: Monroe Shewbart Nov 10, 1877; Naomi Swearingen Nov 27,

Children: Gretchen May Shewbart May 29, 1911; William Monroe Shewbart
May 15, 1913; Betty Jane Shewbart Sep 3, 1920

Grandchildren: William Edward Shewbart Sep ll, 1944; Ronald Alan
Shewbart June 11, 1947; George Raymond Stanbury Oct 28 1947; Gretchen
Ann Stanbury Mar 18, 1953; Pamela Jane Brockie Aug 5, 1950; Bruce Alan
Brockie Jul 12, 1952; Lynne Ann Brockie June 29, 1954

Marriages: Gretchen May Shewbart & Raymond G. Stanbury Jun 24, 1932;
William Monroe Shewbart & Margaret Gover Jun 7, 1942; Betty Jane
Shewbart & Melvin David Brockie Oct 4, 1942; Gretchen Ann Stanbury &
Donald Herndon Nov 30, 1974; Pamela Brockie & David Mayer Nov 22, 1980

Deaths: John S. Swearingen May 27, 1920; Prilla Jane Swearingen Apr 27,
1945 (Naomi's parents). Monroe Shewbart Dec 31, 1939; Melvin Brockie
Apr 24, 1966; Raymond Stanbury Jul 10, 1966; Gretchen May Stanbury Jul
1970; Naomi Swearingen Shewbart Jan 1976


There are two newspaper clippings--Naomi's wedding and Rev. H. H.
Shewbart's death notice (b. Jun 4, 1840 and d. Apr 9, 1920). It
provides a marriage to Eliza Lacy Dec 9, 1860 (she d. Mar 15, 1907 at
West Plains, MO). They had 7 children/3 sons 4 daughters. He was a
member of the Baptist church for 59 years; an ordained minister for 54.
Funeral services held at Bethel church Apr 11, 10 a.m. Rev. J. A. Hall
officiating. {I transcribed them entirely at the end of this letter}


"The three names below were father's half sisters and brother (Naomi):
Martha Swearingen was born April 14, 1875
Mandy C. Swearingen was born June 19, 1876
Edward J. Swearingen was born September 2, 1881. Father's half
bro and sister I saw when I was a child. They had bright red

John S. Swearingen was born A.D. the year of our lord Nov 27, 1857
(Naomi's father has the same date (Nov 27) as she); Mother Prilla June
Lovell Swearingen was borne A. D. the year of our lord Dec 8, 1861.
Prilla's parents: William Lovell born Aug 2, 1829; Juda (possibly
Judy?) Lovel born August 22, 1832.

Otto Zachariah Swearingen born Nov 12, 1889; William Samuel Swearingen
borne Oct 4, 1881; Josua Gilmore Swearingen was borne Sep 29, 1882;
Crocia May Swearingen was borne Jan 15, 1884; Judy Naomi Swearingen was
born Nov 27, 1887 [My name was for my grandmother Judy Lovel].

Father's parents: Samuel R. Swearingen d. Aug 26, 1883; Sarah C.
Swearingen d. Aug 26, 1883 (written this way in the Bible)

Mother's parents: Mrs. Juda Lovel died Feb 11, 1889; William Lovel d.
Jan 17, 1880

Joshua Gilmore Swearingen d. Spe 25, 1917; Grover Cleveland Swearingen
d. Sep 26, 1926; Prilla Jane Swearingen d. Apr 27, 1945 (Spokeane)


H. H. Shewbart was married to Liza Lacy December 9, 1860 in Roan County,
Tenn. Liza Shewbart death was on March 16, 1907. Anda (Amanda?)
Johnson Shewbart bornet October 29, 1861. Malisa Frances Shewbart
bornet September 14, 1866. Amanda Shewbart bornet October 17 (?),
1867. Lusay Shewbart bornet February 22, 1869. John Shewbart born
November 4, 1870. Elizabeth Shewbart bornet Aprile 6, 1872. James
Monrow Shewbart bornet November 10, 1877. Bessie Christenson born March
25, 1884.

Amanda Shewbart died September 24, 1868. Lusey Shewbart died March 8,
1869. John Shewbart death ocurd (unreadable)15, 1905. H. H. Shewbart
died April 9, 1920

These are two newspaper clippings--one regarding the 1907 marriage of
Naomi Swearingen and Monroe Shewbart, the other the death notice for
Rev. H. H. Shewbart in 1920:

"One of the most pleasant weddings of the season occurred at the home of
the bride's parents Sunday evening, Feb 11th. The contracting parties
were Mr. Monroe Shewbart and Miss Naomi Swearingen, the Rev. L. Z. Burr,
pastor of the Christian church at West Plains, officiating.

"Mr. Shewbart is a popular young teacher residing four miles south of
West Plains and is quite generally known over the county, as he was
raised in this county and is a son of the Rev Shewbart, who is
extensively known.

"Miss Swearingen is the daughter of our townsman and prominent fruit
grower, John Swearingen, and is one of the most lovable and estimable
young ladies it has even been the communities good fortune to possess.
She is talented and cultnred (sic) and no one will be more missed in
this community.

"After the beautiful and appropriate marriage ceremony the many friends
and relatives present of the happy couple repaired to the dining room
and enjoyed a beautiful and tastefully arranged, sumptuous supper. Mr.
Shewbart has just completed a neat home on his farm and left Tuesday
with his happy bride, who is hence forth to be its light and its life.

"The SENTINEL will visit this new home of its good friends for the
coming year at least and may each copy of its regular visitations be
received as a token of its good wishes for the happiness and prosperity
of that home."


"Rev. H. H. Shewbart was born in Roan County, Tenn., June 4, 1840. Died
at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. H. Walker residing near Troy, April
9, 1920. He was married to Eliza Lacy, December 9, 1860, who preceded
him in death March 15, 1907, at West Plains, Missouri. Seven children
were born to this union of which three were sons and four daughters, of
which two sons and two daughters still live. One daughter, Mrs. J. H.
Walker, living five miles south of Troy, one son living at Hillyard,
Wn., and one son and daughter living near West Plains, Mo., where the
remains were shipped for burial in the family cemetery.

"Mr. Shewbart lived near West Plains for thrity-four years. Mrs. Walker
and Monroe Shewbart were at the bedside of their father when life passed
from him and they accompanied the body to the old family home for

"The deceased had been a member of the Baptist church for fifty-nine
years and an ordained minister for fifty-four years. Funeral services
were held at Bethel chruch April 11th at 10 a.m., Rev J. A. Hall
officiating. The remains were shipped April 12th."

Additional information:

From: "G.A. Schumacher" <schumach@earthlink.net>
To: <uhler@dim.com>
Subject: RE: Shewbart surname
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 22:24:38 -0500

Hello Lynn,
Yes, we have a match! Henry Harrison Shewbart was my g-g-grandfather. He
was born 4 June 1840 in Roane Co. Tenn and married Eliza Lacy in Roane Co.
Tenn 4 Aug 1860. He died in Howell Co. Missouri on 9 April, 1860. Most of
this is the same as what you have. I also have info that he and Eliza and
some of their family are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Howell Co. Mo.

Their son, Andrew J. Shewbart, was my great grandfather. He married Carrie
Rust in Missouri. I didn't have his birthdate - only that he was born
around 1860. He died in Oklahoma in 1931. My grandmother was Gertrude
Shewbart b. 1908 in Tahlequah, Ok.

The 1880 Missouri Census shows:
Shewbart, Henry Harrison age 40 Tenn
Eliza 44 Tn
Andrew J 20 Tn
\ Melissa F. 14 Il
John 9 Il.'
Elizabeth 7 Il.
James 2 Il.

Henry Harrison served in the Civil War Co. A Tenn Infantry - Private and
then again in H Co 42 Infantry of Indiana - Private. Union Vet.

Henry's parents were:
Philip Shewbart and Elizabeth _____ . I have the following info. On them

1850 Tenn Census - Roane Co.
Shoebert, Philip 49 Farming S.C
Elizbeth 43 Tenn
Fanny C. 16 Tenn ( All children b. in Tn
Henry H. 11
Margaret 9
Lydia 7
Robert 4
James , C.J. 1
William 1

The 1860 Census in Roane Co. shows:
Shewbart, Phillip 60
Elizabeth 52
Fanny C. 26
Eliz. J 16
Robert 14
William 12
James 12
Fillmore 7
Mary J. Turney 5
Martha E. 3

( Mary J. and Martha E. are Fanny's children. She married Martin Tearney -

Henry Harrison is listed separate from the family in 1860

Phillip is still alive in 1880 and listed in census as 79 years old.

A Phillip Shubird is listed in Lancaster Co. South Carolina in 1800.
There are two Phillips listed in the 1810 Census in S.C. in Lancaster Co.
Unfortunately, the courthouse there had a fire and many records have been

Where did you get your information? It looks like it came from family
sources. Also, notice the twins in Phillip's family - we have twins running
in our family - do you?

I am very interested in anything else you might have on this family. As you
say - the name is very rare.

Kathy Schumacher


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