Stuppel Bible


Stuppel Family Bible

Submitted September 7, 1997 (updated 7/2004) by:
Robert J. Widenmann
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I have by inheritance come into possession of a family Bible (London,
New York: No publisher, 1867) once belonging to the STUPPEL family of
Quebec Province, Canada, with the following dedication in a lovely
handwriting: "Presented to George and Charlotte Stuppel / On the day of
their Wedding / June 6th 1870."

It contains dates of birth, marriage, and death for three generations,
an original marriage certificate from 1897, and several newspaper
clippings which, though lacking dates, places of publication, and
titles, are nevertheless informative. A descendant of this family
married into a branch of the WIDENMANN family.

I would gladly send the book to any family member proving relationship
in return for postal charges (net weight: 12 lbs.!). R.J. Widenmann.

Surnames in this record:

From Family Bible inherited from Betsy Widenmann:
[editor's note: the following is from a printed genealogy and is not a transcript
of the actual Bible entries. Other details and clippings of this family are available
as photocopies from <> AJB]

George STUPPEL, born 10 May 1840 in Broughton, Quebec, Canada; died 2 July
1880 in Repentigny, Quebec. Married: 6 Jun 1871 by Rev. James Howell in Con-
gregational Church, Granby, Que., to Margaret Charlotte GIBBONS; born 14 Feb.
1848 in Montreal, Que.; died 23 Mar 1922 in Newtonville, MA.


1. Amelia Margaret STUPPEL, born 10 Oct 1872 in Montreal, Que.; died 23 Mar
1922 in Newtonville, MA. Remained single.

2. Mary Alice STUPPEL, born 16 Jul 1875 in Stanstead, Que.; died 10 Aug 1952 in
Montclair, NJ. Married: 21 Jul 1897 by Rev. Samuel E. Howe, Boston, MA, to
James Everett HICKS; Born 18 Jul 1870 in Richmond, MA; died ? Jul 1936 in
Newtonville, MA.


1. Margaret Alice Dorothy HICKS, born 27 Aug 1901 in Boston (Roxbury), MA;
died 3 Apr 1949 in New York, NY. Married: 2 Apr 1927 in Newtonville, MA, to
Hans WIDENMANN. Other children unknown. See "A Genealogy of the
Widenmann Family" for additional details.

[A handwritten note in the Stuppel Family Bible, here quoted in full]:

This is to certify that Mrs. Geo. Stupple was a member fo this Church in good
standing, up to the first day of March, 1878, on which day, by vote of the Church,
a Letter of Dismissal was given to her, on her leaving this place for Stanstead.
Granby P.2 Canada John M Intosh Secretary
July 18 - 1881 - Congregational Church.
Robert K. Black