Stanley Bible


Submitted November 1998 by:
Charles Robert Riner, Jr.

This transcription of the Stanley-Taylor-Riner Family Bible record was made
from a xerox copy of the Bible record made personally by the submitter. The
actual Bible is in the possession of a 2nd cousin-once removed.

Inside the front cover of the Bible is the inscription: "Presented to Lydia
Stanly by the Bible Association of Friends, 10th mo 26th 1850."

The Bible is copyrighted 1948 by The Bible Association of Friends in
America, Philadelphia. [TSC--this date is verbatim, but in context it looks
like it should be 1848. If the date is really 1948, then many of these facts
should be called into question.]





Israel B. Taylor was born 3rd mo 20th 1831
Lydia S. Taylor was born 4th mo 22nd 1833
Susan Elizabeth Taylor was born the 4th of 2nd mo 1854
Mary E. Taylor was born 12th month 23rd 1855
Aehsah J. Taylor was born 13th of 6th mo 1857
Caroline Taylor was born 2nd of the 2 mo 1859
James Elmer Taylor was born the 5th month 16th 1861
George W. Riner was born the 3rd month 22nd 1856
Dora Marie Riner was born June 2, 1880
Charley Ramond Riner was born Dec 31, 1882
Lee Stanley Riner was born June 23, 1885
Lawrence Riner was born January 20, 1888
Elmer Riner was born May 25, 1890
Alice Riner was born Dec 4, 1907
Louise M. Kenworthy was born March 21, 1908
George Riner Kenworthy was born Feb 3rd, 1910
George Slough Riner was born Nov 4th, 1911
Ralph Daniel Riner was born Sep 16, 1912
Ruth Elizabeth Kenworthy was born Sep 28, 1913
Alberta Riner was born April 7th, 1914
Charles Robert Riner was born May 30, 1916
Mary Helen Riner was born July 19, 1918
Jean Riner was born May 10, 1925
Donna Joy Riner was born May 14, 1932


Israel B. Taylor & Lydia S. Taylor was married the 10th of the 10th mo 1852
George W. Riner and Susan E. Taylor were united in marriage Aug 1st 1878
Silas D. Long and Carrie L. Taylor were married Jan 1st AD 1885
Lee Stanley Riner and Leona Wilson [Maddock] was married June 28, 1906
Henry Kenworthy and Dora Marie Riner was married Feb 14th 1907
Lawrence Riner and Alma Slough married April 14, 1910
Elmer Riner and Myrtle M. Kuch married Feb 14, 1912
Charles Raymond Riner and Elva Stubbs was married Aug 16, 1918


James Elmer Taylor died 22nd of the 11th month 1861
Israel B. Taylor departed this life July 30, 1864 of typhoid fever
aged 33 years 4 months and ten days
Lydia S. Taylor departed this life August 24, 1872
aged 39 years 4 months and two days
Carrie L. Long departed this life July 30th 1886
aged 27 years 4 m and 30 days
George W. Riner departed this life June 3, 1922
aged 66 years 2 mo and 12 days
Jane Taylor Clark departed this life August 23, 1924
aged 67 years 2 mo. and 10 days

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