Speed Bible

This Bible was in the possession of a gentleman who was selling the Taylor Bible (England) and he gave permission for the following photographs and transcription to be submitted to this site.
Transcribed by Tara Hawkins



John Thomas Speed Born Jan 11th 1902
Millie [Willie?] Speed Born Feb 10th 1903
Albert Speed Born Feb 2nd 1904
John Speed Born July 21st 1905
Doris Speed Born Nov 1st 1906
Elsie Speed Born [crossed out]
Herbert Speed Born Sep 2nd 1908
Elsie Speed Born Nov 19th 1909
Harold Speed Born Aug 9th 1911
Arthur Speed Born Feb 18th 1913

John Speed Born Jan 28th 1870
Ellen Speed Born July 24th 1874

Margaret Ellen Speed Born June 4th 1914
Rose Speed Born May 14 1917
Seth[?] Harold Speed died October 9th 1920
Jhon [?] Speed Died Aust [?] 1908
Jhon [sp?] Speed the husband of Ellen Speed died March 9th 1934
Herbert Speed Died July 15 1960