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Would like to try to submit a bible record. Starting with the guidelines, the primary name would be Smith (family of Peter Smith & Betsey Grow), I was allowed to make copies of the pages that had the handwritten data (they were loose fitting) by the then owner, circa 1980. I would GUESS that the bible was circa 1840, see picture of page 1, handwriting looks like it was written by same person at same time until that time. There was also a letter in the bible, a transcribed copy enclosed, original written in pencil, was too faded to scan. This family lived in the town of Potter in Yates County, NY. I do know that the person who had the bible in their possession at that time is now deceased, and I have heard that the bible has been "lost". I want to share this data so that it is not lost like the original bible...I copied the bible in the transcription exactly like it was, every period and mis-spelling.



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[Page 1, Births]

Peter Smith Feb, 9th 1803
Betsey Smith May 31st, 1807
Sarah Ann Smith March 18th, 1827
George B. Smith Aug. 18th 1830
Phebe Jane Smith Jan 22nd 1835
Emily Amelia Smith Jan 26th 1839
William W Smith Ap 28th 1843
James C Smith May 15th 1849
Lucy A. Smith Aug 1st 1852

[Page 2, Births and Marriages]

James C. Smith May 15, 1849
Addie M. Smith May 24, 1852
Charlie B. Smith Aug 24, 1875
Albertus B. Smith May 31, 1877
Elzer Eugene Smith Oct 23rd 1879
Lucy Mae Smith May 30, 1889

Married at home in Potter
Feb 2nd 1895 by Rev A C Brown
Mr Charlie B Smith to
Miss Nellie Champlin of
Gorham Ont Co Ny

Married at Gorham Ont co
June 28, 1899 by Rev Andrew
Brown, Albertus B Smith
of Potter, to miss Ella Faulstick
of Gage, n. y.

Married at Benton
Center Dec 24, 1902, by
Rev Putman,
E Eugene Smith of Potter
to Laura Faulstick of
Gage, n. y.

Married at Middlesex new york
August 23 - 1909 by Rev
H. C. Andrews
Lucy Mae Smith of Potter
and John H. Mothersell of Vine
Valley ny.

[Page 3, Marriages]

Peter Smith to Betsey
Grow June 25th 1826

Married in Naples Ont co
Nov 11th 1868, by Rev Daniel
Clark (?)
William W Smith to
Amanda A Slitor.

Married at home in Potter
Dec 3rd 1873, by Rev G S Thorn
Lucy A Smith to
Damon J Bordwell.

Married at home in Potter
Dec 16th 1874, by Rev G S Thorn,
James C Smith to
Addie M Barber.

Married near Port
Mitchell, Noble Co I__
On Wednesday the 21st
of January 1846 By
the Rev. __(?) Weeks ___(?)
Taylor, to Miss S. A. Smith
formerly of yeats co, n.y.

Married in Middlesex, Jan 2nd
1848, by the Rev __(?) Holmes
Phebe Jane Smith to
Seymour __(?) Wheeler

Married in Jerusalem Nov 3rd
1850, by the Rev __(?) Douglas
Mary Eliza Smith to
Abel B Briggs

Married at Italy Hill July 4
1856, by Rev ____(?)
Emily Amelia Smith to
Edwin James Morgan

[Page 4, Deaths]

Mary Adeline Smith
Dec 6 - 1908
Funeral Dec. 8. Rev Bruce
Pierce officiating

James C. Smith about Thanksgiving 1930

Elzer Eugene Smith

Alburtus Burdette Smith July 8, 1953

Lucy Mae Smith Mothersell

George B Smith Sept 9 1830

Peter Smith, Aug 25th 1853

Phebe Jane Wheeler April 21, 1877

Sarah Ann Taylor Sept 20 1878

Betsey Smith March 6, 1879
Rev __(?) E Bates preached his
sermon from 2nd Corinthians
5th chapter, 1st verse
commencing at the verse
& reading the end of the chapter

Emily A Morgan, June 19, 89,
took her own life by cutting her
throat with her son's razor in the
wood house, funeral at the house
Rev Pratt officiating.

Mary E Briggs, Oct 2nd 96
funeral at the M E church
Rev P W Williams officiating

Abel Briggs, Nov 15, 1899
funeral at the M E church, Rev S W
Eaton officiating.

[Transcript of Enclosed Letter]

Sugar Loaf
May 13th 78

My Dear Mother,

I got you a new dress for a birthday present and then feared I could not send it all all at once and was persuaded to cut it into to send in two packages, but saw our postmaster this morning and found I could send 4 lbs by mail so concluded to try. Oh I hope you will get it for I think it is so pretty for common callico, if we could we(that's Mary and myself) would have made it up but we feared we could not fit you there is two little piles of callico left for little B___? some table bibbs left from his old auntie's quilt linings just to say they came from California I hope to be able to send you something more than just a callico dress Dear Mother but have not got anything else now and if you get this try to get it made and wear it on your Birthday and I will imagine I see you with it on I have 3 or 4 letters begun one to Addie one to Emily, one to Lillie and will write to you mother dear in a day or two I have been quite sick for over a week not able to do anything Mary was home stayed a week went home yesterday I expect to get a girl today or tomorrow write immediately if you do get this package and let me know Oh that I could see you wear the dress Oh how homesick I am today you will all get letters as fast as I can write them my love to all my dear ones old and young and to the undying love of your poor miserable daughter through life S A Taylor

Charley and Tom send love to you, ever my darling mother, B Smith

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