Shimp Bible

These Bible pages were separated from a Bible. They
appear to be from a late 19th century Bible.

The relationships here are kind of confusing. I find
Lemon Shimp in the 1920 federal census for Sinking
Spring, Berks County, PA. He is aged 59, living with
wife Clara A. (age 48), daughter Mabel E. (age 15) and
granddaughter Florence (age <1). He is a printer.
They were all born in Pennsylvania, and all of their parents
were born in Pennsylvania.

Barton Leininger is found in his uncle's home in 1910,
had registered for the WW1 draft in 1917, and was in
a boarding house, divorced, in 1930.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire, .


Typos in the original -- "Nine A. M. in the Evening",
"Wensday", "Wife of Annie Shimp", etc.

[Page One -- Marriage Certificate]

This is to Certify
That Mr. Lemon Shimp
and Mifs Susan Weinhold
at Lincoln on the Seventh day of
August in East Cocalio Lanc Pa. in the year of our Lord 1880
In Presence of Rev. Stephen Sweitzer

[Page Two -- Births]

Lemon Shimp was Born in the year of Our Lord 1860
on April 5
and his wife
Susan B. Weinhold was Born in the year of our Lord
1856 on June het 16

Florence Naomi Shimp was born in the year 1919 on
the 4th day of February

Peter Lester Leininger was born in the year 1921 on the
19th day of October

Arlene May Leininger was born in the year 1923 on the 21th
day of March

[Page Three -- Marriages]

W. J. Kershner hereby certify that on the 15th day of January
one thousand nine hundred and twenty one at Reading Pa.
Barton L. Leininger and Mabel E. Shimp were by me united
in marriage in accordance with license issued by the Clerk
of the Orphans Court of Berks County, Pa.
W.J. Kershner

Barton L. Leininger was born in the year 1889 on the 21 day
of May
His wife Mabel Esther Leininger in the year 1904 on the 16th
day of January

[Page Four -- Deaths]

January 3 1892
Susan Shimp Wife of Lemon Shimp Died January 3 1892 on
Wensday at half past nine A. M. in the Evening
Buried on January 8 1892
Text was the 25 Chap of S. T. Matthew and the 34 and 35 Verses.

October 5th 1920
Lemon Shimp Wife of Annie Shimp Died Oct. 5th 1920

March 20th 1934
Sarah Hinnershitz Wife of George Hinnershitz Died March 20th
1934 Text St John 1,2,3,4 rest Chapter 14th