Sharp Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Edinburgh, Printed by Sir J. H. Blair & J. Bruce, 1799.

This Bible is in fair shape. The covers were crudely
reattached by method of two leather straps over the spine.
This must have happened a long time ago by the looks
of it. It appears to be complete, but it is unpaginated.
The genealogy page and an engraving are detached and in
the front.

The dates for these people are on a part of the page that
wore off. There is some ephemera through the book, and
a lot of leaves, and a piece of fabric and tinfoil. There
are two programs for Clayton Heights Wesleyan Sunday School,
one dated 1898, and one dated 1900. Both were printed in
Queensbury, and one was delivered by "Mr. Percy Heap of
Bradford". I assume through these place names that the
Bible stayed in England at least that long, although it
was purchased in the US.

There are some old obituaries as well on as scrap of old

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Blank Page]

Jane Sharp Born February 6 18

Isaac Sharp Born September 19th 18

Henry Sharp Born March 5th 182

John Sharp Born March 5th 182

Sally Sharp Born April 4th 1828

Thomas Sharp Born February 21st 18

Margaret Sharp Born May 20th 183

William Sharp Born March 16th 18

Betty Sharp Born August 3rd 183

Daniel Sharp Born May 28th 18

[Some printed death notices]

STORK -- On May 19th, aged 54 Mr. Joseph Stork, Ashfield

TONG -- May 22, aged 76, Sarah Tong, Tower Street,

TURNER -- May 23, aged 59, Martha Turner at St. Catherine's

WEBSTER -- May 23, aged 63, Robert Webster, Hart Hill Farm,

WHELAN -- May 21, aged 52, Elizabeth Whelan, White Abbey.

WHITEHEAD -- May 19, aged 36, Ellen, wife of John Henry
Whitehead, Cedar Grove, Armley.

WHITAKER -- May 23, aged 53, Harriet, wife of J.T. Whitaker,
Tong Road, Wortley.

WIGGINS -- May 23, aged 88, William Henry Wiggins, Wross Hill
Terrace, Windhill.

WILKINSON -- May 22, at the residence of her niece, Mrs. Riley,
91, Horton Road, Martha Wilkinson, aged 74 years.

WILSON -- At Nelson, New Zealand, April 15th, aged 88, James
Wilson, formerly of Bradford.

WOOD -- On the 22nd iust, at her residence, 124 Clarenden Road,
Morecambe, Mrs. Wood, late of Grove Terrace, Bradford.

WOODALL -- May 20, aged 54, Samuel Woodall, Springfield House,

WRIGHT -- May 20, aged 76, George Wright, Little Moor, Pudsey.

WRIGHT -- May 22, aged 70, William Wright, Holdforth Street, New

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