Samis Bible


Samis Family Bible

Submitted Jan 27, 1998 by:
Debi McGee Cundiff
11745 Rancho Drive
Leesburg, FL 34788

The following information was transcribed directly from the bible of Helen Samis. I currently have this bible and would like to provide it to someone researching any of these families. I bought the bible from a flea market, and the vendor had pictures that were supposed to be of this woman and her family. The items were priced according to the value of the frames. He would not sell the pictures separately nor would he allow the pictures to be removed from the frames for verification of identity. Persons interested in this bible or the pictures can contact me at: Debi McGee Cundiff, 11745 Rancho Drive, Leesburg, FL 34788.

Surnames found in this record:


[Presented to]
Helen E. Samis
Alford G Samis [Alford's name is signed with a different pen and
different handwriting] 3429 Division St.
Los Angeles (65)
California Capital 2-7378 ["C" is underlined]

[Family Register]

[This is to certify that]

Helen Elizabeth Berryhill
Pueblo, Colorado, July 11, 1914


Alfred Gordon Samis
Olds, Alberta, Canada, May 1, 1895

[were joined together in the bonds of]
[Holy Matrimony]

Alvarado Church of Christ
November 1, 1948
Fred P. Tompson Jr. [clergyman]
Mrs. Mary A. Berryhill (Brides Mother) [witness]
Mrs. Maude Hunter (Brides Aunt) [witness]

[Family Register]

[Grandfather (Father's Family) Grandmother]
Newton Berryhill Sophia Angeline Evans
1918 [date of death]

[Grandfather (Mother's Family) Grandmother]
Martin Sheets Josephine Elizabeth McMechan [small c has an underline]
1856 approximately 1865
1884 approximately 1937

Howard Evans Berryhill Social Security 289-09-0517
Sugar Creek Township, Green County, Ohio October 12, 1879
Died Cincinnati, Putnam County, Ohio Sept. 16, 1942
Bellbrook Cem., Bellbrook, Green County, Ohio

Mary Anna Sheets - Berryhill Social Security No. 545-32-7427
Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana, July 21, 1881
Died: Pasadena - Los Angeles County, Calif.
Sept. 30, 1960, Inglewood Cemetery, Inglewood, Los Angeles County,

[Married at]
Montgomery County, Ohio, October 1913[?]