Rife Bible Pages

Page was detached from the bible but is copyright 1873.

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[Page One -- Marriage Certificate]

I hereby Certify, that Mr. Harry H. Rife, and Miss
R. Frances Miller, both of Bane Ville, Lanc. Co. Pa.,
were by me united in MATRIMONY
this 11th day of March One Thousand Eight Hundred
and seventy three, according to Law, and the custom of
the Church.

D. W. Gerhard, Minister of the Gospel

[Page Two -- Family Record]

Name Place of Birth Date of Birth Date of Marriage Date of Death
Henry H. Rife Greenland, Lan Co Pa Jan 1st 1845 Mar 11th 1873 July 9 1915
R. Frances Rife Bareville, Lan Co Pa Jan 26th 1849 Mar 11th 1873 July 21 1904
Jason M. Rife Bareville, Lan Co Pa Feb 28th 1874
Caleb M. Rife Bird in Hand Lan Co Pa Sept 2nd 1875
Alice Frances Rife Monterey, Lan Co Pa Sept 10th 1878
Ethan Rife Monterey, Lan CoPa Sept 20th 1881

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