Oldham Bible

This Bible record was published in Tennessee Records,
Bible Records and Marriage Bonds, Compiled by Jeannette
Tillotson Acklen, Nashville, TN, 1933, p 54-5.

It is placed with another Oldham Bible in this book, of
William's parents.


Below this line, is verbatim from source


Records from William H. Oldham Bible in possession of a son,
Charles H. Oldham, near Laguardo, Wilson County,

William Howard Oldham, born April 24, 1855.
Ida Bradshaw Oldham, born Sept. 19, 1858.
Edgar Howard Oldham, born April 6, 1881.
Sadie May Oldham born April 12, 1883.
Kate Oldham, born June 18, 1886.
Charles Henry Oldham, born April 22, 1889.
Alice Oldham, born Sept. 24, 1893.
Ida Elizabeth Oldham, born Nov. 8, 1896.

William H. Oldham, of Tennessee, and Ida Bradshaw,
of Tennessee, Oct. 16, 1879, at Laguardo, by Early.

Sadie Mai Oldham, died Feb. 19, 1904.
Ida B. Oldham, died Oct. 29, 1909.
William Howard Oldham, died March 7, 1912.