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Noxon Family Bible

Submitted March 20, 1997 by:
Court Noxon
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Bloomfield, Ontario
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Enclosed is a copy of a fly leaf page from a family bible which has disappeared.
It is in the possession of Alan Baxter : Bloomfield, Ont., K0K 1G0.

James Noxon was a Quaker Preacher who set up most of the Meetings in this area
(Prince Edward County, Ontario) in the late 1700's

Surnames in this record:

The illustration
"Noxons in Canada"
(photocopy of the bible page)
"an account of the descendants of James Noxon who came to Canada in 1794"

is for the cover of the family Canadian history that we publish and,
because it reproduce poorly, I have included this transcript:

An account of the ages of James Noxon and family

James Noxon was born 8th day of 4th Mo. 1765

Was married to Lanor Delong 17th of 12th Mo. 1789

Who was born 1st day of 1st Mo. 1771

Mariah Noxon my first daughter born 12th of 1 Mo. 1791

Lanor Noxon deceased 31st day of 8th Mo. 1792

Was married to Elizabeth Dorland 6th day of 8th Mo. 1795

Who was born 18th day of 7th Mo. 1774

Gilbert Noxon my first son born 25th day of 2nd Mo. 1796

James Noxon my second son born 1st day of 8th Mo. 1797

Jonathan Noxon my third son born 9th day of 5th Mo. 1799

Samuel Noxon my fourth son born 13th day of 3rd Mo. 1801

Lanor Noxon my second daughter born 19th day of 1st Mo. 1803

Lydia Noxon my third daughter born 5th day of 2nd Mo. 1805

Gilbert Noxon my first son deceased 4th day of 7th Mo. 1805

Dorland Noxon my fifth son born 8th day of 4th Mo. 1807

Isaac Noxon my sixth son born 11th day of 3rd Mo. 1809

Sarah Noxon my fourth daughter born 28th day of 1st Mo. 1814.