Nowell Bible

NOWELL Family Bible

Submitted April 1999 by:
Aline Bergemann
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My Step-Mother collects old Bibles and she got this one at a yard sale in Texas last summer. She sent me photo copies of the pages with the family history on them in hopes that some one is looking for this information on the Nowell Family. We are not relation to the family. I have the photo copies which are fairly clear.

Surnames in this File:


// First Page

This is to Certify That:
Mr Joda A. Nowell
Dora Katherine Snell
were united by me in
Holy Matrimony
at: Paris, Texas on the 14th
day of December in the year of
our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
and Ninety Two in the presence of:

Note: there are no Witnesses listed and it is not signed by a minister.

// Second Page

Family History

Nowell Children

Names Born Married
When Where When To Whom Died

Lee Roy May 29,1894 Paris, Tex
Bertha May 12/6/1896 Paris, Tex 12/19/1907
Frank Walter 2/12/1899 Paris, Tex 3/1/1918 Lucile Edith Kitchel 10/1/1928
Thomas Jefferson 2/10/1901 Paris, Tex July 11, 1919
Clarence Amos 4/16/1903 Hugo, Okla 10/5/1936 Emily Helen Lake

// Third Page

Family History

Great Grand Parents
(None listed)

Grand Parents Born Died
When Where When Where

Father's Father
Joe A. Nowell Feb. 4th Paris, Tex
Father's Mother
Lizzie Londirh (date smugged)
Mother's Father
Thomas J. Snell Feb 6th 1843 Tenn. May 9th, 1926 Hugo, Okla
Mother's Mother
Evelyn J. Gregory April 18 1847 Tenn Feb 20, 1924 Paris, Tex


Jodie A. Nowell Feb 14th, 1872 Paris, Tex Dec 2 1904 Hugo, Okla
Dora K. Snell March 21st, 1874 Tenn

// Fourth Page

Family History

Names Cause of Death Where Buried Vault, Monument or

Jodie Amos Gas Hugo, Okla Monument
Bertha May Pneumonia Hugo, Okla "
Thomas Jefferson Lightning Hugo, Okla "
Walter Frank Pneumonia Hugo, Okla "

// End