Newton Bible

This page was separated from the Bible, so I do not
have confirmation of the date. It was acquired from a
dealer in California who attributed it as being a leaf of
a 1585 Bishop's Bible. The text and paper conventions
support that.

Various sources put this family as an early colonial Virginia
family in Westmoreland County. There may be a George
Washington connection here. Supposedly GW's mother,
Mary Ball, lived with the Eskridge family after the death of
her parents, with Col. George Eskridge as her guardian.
Mary Ball was almost exactly the same age as the Sarah Eskridge

Author...... Newton, Willoughby.
Title....... [Bishop's Bible leaf, 1585] Pen manuscript English family lineage, 1702 -1753, completed ca. 1753. On blank reverse of last leaf of Apocrypha, Bishop's Bible, London, 1585.
Publisher... np, (England), 1753.

2pp. Folio. 15 pen lines of births beginning with Willoughby Newton's birth in 1702, his marriage to Sarah in 1723, & the birth of each of 9 children in the 1720's, 1730's & 1740's with last entry recording death of Newton's wife, Sarah, on Dec. 2. 1753 at age forty six "one of the best of wifes & mothers". All entries completed & signed by Willoughby Newton ca. 1753. Reverse of manuscript is 14 lines black letter dbl. column prntd. type of end of Apocrypha w/ large ornate woodcut printer's device with cherubs & flowers at center of page. Above printer's device is pen manuscript line recording death of Newton's father Capt. Thomas Newton, the son of John Newton of Yorkshire, on December 12, 1727. This leaf from a copy (apparently the last leaf?) of a 1585 Bishop's Bible. Frameable on either side, the Georgian manuscript family entries side is particularly interesting but Bible text side can be framed for its early date & elaborate lg. printer's device. Entries in dark brown ink script. 10 3/8 x 15 1/8 in. VG.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Last Page of Apocrypha]

Capt. Thomas Newton the son of Mr John Newton of Yorkshier
Departed this Life on the 12th day of Decembr 1727

[Page Two -- Reverse of Above]

Willoughby Newton the Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Newton was Born ye
2oth Decemr 1702 and marryed to Sarah Eskridge Daughter of Col
George Eskridge the 2d day of April 1723

Rebeckah Newton Daughter to the Above P. Willoughby & Sarah Borne
the 2d day of Octr 1725

Elizabeth Newton Borne the 10th day of Octbr 1727

John Newton Born on the 25th Decemr 1730 About 2 oClock in the

Judeth Newton Born the 9th day of Aprile 1734

Katherine Newton Born the 9th day of Sept 1740

Lettie Newton Born the 8th day of Augt 1743

Martha Newton Born ye 2d Day of September 1744

Mary Newton Born the 30th day of Novembr 1745

Sarah Newton Born the 25th day of Febr 1746/7

Mrs. Sarah Newton wife to Willoughby Newton Departed this
life on Sunday morning about three oClock on the Second day
of Decemr 1753 In the fourty sixth year of her Age. One of the
Best of wife's and mothers
Willoughby Newton

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