Murphy Bible


Murphy Family Bible

Submitted Feb 22, 1998 by:
Janet and Wayne Murphy

Hello everyone, just recently found these names and dates in a forgotten family
Bible, am wondering if they connect with anyone out there.

Surnames found in this record:

William Murphy m. Margaret Robinson Nov.12, 1845
Children: John b. Oct. 2 1846
James b. Nov. 6 1847
Mary Jane b. Sept. 8 1849
Margaret b.April 4, 1851
Joseph b. Nov. 26 1852
William b. Nov. 4 1854

Mary Jane m. Joseph Otterson June 5 1873...Son William b. Aug 25 1873 d.
July 28 1874

Margaret m. ----[can't make out] McAllister Aug. 10 1864...son Stephen
McAllister Sept. 12 1864..Dunken McAllister Nov. 7 1866

[Joseph m. Philisity Moyles in Portage du Fort July 13 1880. Philisity was
the daughter of Hugh and Suzan Logan [Susan Hogan?]...son Earl born 1892
killed in explosion at Sand Point July 11 1910 at age 18 years. Philisity
died Oct.15 1910 at age 56 of burns and they were both waked out of the
family home on McGonigal Street Arnprior and buried in the Sand Point
cemetery. There is one other son listed John and John is my husbands

[Other names that showed up but as yet I don't know why are Mark Buggy died
June 22, 1867...Bridget Alice Cassidy died Aug. 13 1900.....
Perhaps some of this will help someone else out I hope so. Thanks Janet]