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MORE Family Bible

J. H. More [John Henry]
Original Bible

Submitted by:
Michael J More
6509 Waddion Drive
Greely ON
K0A 1Z0
Date: 04-26-94

Current holder of the original Bible:
Michael J. More

INDEX of surnames appearing in this bible:


Father's Father: John MORE Mar. 8 1834 Ont. Co. Simcoe
Tp. Sunnidale Oct. 1916 Bracebridge Ont.
Father's Mother: Martha Sophia BELFREY April 9 1839 Ont.
Co. Simcoe Tp. Gwillimbury.
Mother's Father: Charles Bose TYSON May 20 1840
Pennsylvania Dec. 18 1916 Thorold Ont.
Mother's Mother: Isabella ORME July 25 1840 Kinleith Co.
[spelling is pretty clear, although written, but there
is/was no Kinleith Co.] Scotland Apr. 15 1925 Thorold Ont.

Father: John Henry MORE May 23 1875 Simcoe Co. Ont.
Nottawasaga Tp Feb. 22 1944 St. Catharines.
Mother: Emma TYSON Nov. 21 1882 Welland Co. Ont Town of
Thorold July 18 1960 St Catharines.
They were married: November 30/1904 at Thorold Ont.
by Rev. J. W. McLeod.

1. Chas Gordon Feb. 26 1907 Grantham Tp Ont.
[m.] Sept 24 1927 Julia Ruth DUNCAN Apr. 2/39 [refers
to her death date] [m.] June 29 1940 Ann Ellen OLIVER.

2. Hazel Evelyn Jan. 2 1911 Grantham Tp Ont.
Nov. 11/39 Thomas RORISON Dec 12/46 Ray DONNELLY.

3. Grace Helen Apr. 13 1913 St. Catharines Ont.
June 26/37 Roy George BENDER.

4. Mabel Gladys July 7 1914 Grantham Tp Ont.
Sept. 2/39 Alan John WHITE.

5. Jean Olive Feb. 13 1917 St Catharines Ont.
Nov. 1934 Ronald GADSBY.

[Titles before the colon are printed in the family bible,
rest is hand written in red ink.]

[The above information is on one page written in red ink
and one date in pencil.The ink and writing appears to have
been done at two times, once 1925-1934 and once after 1960.
The information is actually in pre-marked columns as follows:
Grand Parents & Parents-Names, Born When, Where, Died When,
Where. For Children the columns are Names, Born When, Where,
Married When, Where, Died.]