Miller Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Philadelphia,
Kimber and Sharpless. Undated, but Kimber & Sharpless published
this Bible from the 1820s through the 1840s. This looks to be a middle
to later edition.

It is in good shape with the original binding. The spine in cracked from
opening it flat in a few places.

Scanned images are at . The Bible is in
the possession of Tracy St. Claire


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[Presentation -- Inside Front Cover]

The Property of J. L. Follett Presented to him by his
Grandmother Gertrude Miller

[Page One -- Marriages]

Abraham Miller & Gertrude Young Apl 16th 1810
Jacob Follett & Catherine Miller Feby 11th 1838
Harvey Miller & Eliza W. Skinner March 9th 1840
Abram Miller & Charlott Shoudy July 5 1841
William A. Follett & W. Annie Diver Aug. 28th 1860

[Page Two -- Births]

Daniel Young Oct. 25th 1757
Elizabeth Young July 23rd 1756
Abraham Miller May 8th 1789
Gittey Miller March 26th 1786
Harvey Miller Sept 10th 1815
Catharine E. Miller Augt.19th 1817
Abraham Miller March 12th 1819
Jacob Follett December 18th 1816
Eliza W. Skinner Nov. 22d 1821
Charlott Shoudy Feby 11 1821

Catherine E. Miller Dau'r of Harvey & Eliza Miller
born January 19th 1841

Wm. John Miller son of Harvey Miller and Eliza Born
December 10th 1844

Alice F. Daughter of Harvey & Eliza Miller Born
December 29th 1846

E. P. Miller daughter of Harvey & Eliza Miller Born
Oct. 21st 1849

Cyrnius R. Miller son of Harvey & Eliza Miller Born
Oct. 21st 1851

[Page Three -- Births]

Wm. A. Follett son of Jacob and Catharine Follett born
November 6th 1839

Joseph Leonard son of Jacob and Catharine Follett Born
February [January crossed out] 16th 1842

Mariah L. Follett Daughter of Jacob and Catharine Follett
Born Oct. 17th 1847

Jacob Harvey Son of Jacob and Catharine Follett Born
Sept. 10th 1849.

Louise J. Fredericks wife of Jos. L. Follett born Oct. 31st

Son Harry Lenard Follett Born Feb 11 1872

David Abram son of Abram & Charlott Miller Born Oct.
16th 1843

Gertrud Jane Daughter of Abram & Charlott born May
1st 1846

Catharine E Daughter of Abram and Charlott Miller
Born Jany 1st 1849

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Daniel Young February 10th 1809
Elizabeth Young January 16 1827
Abraham Miller July 8 1822
Catharine E. Follett May 9th 1853

Wm. John son of Harvey and Eliza Miller Jany 26th 1844

David Abram son of Abram and Charlott Miller
died June 4th 1848

Euphemia S. Miller Daughter of Harvey and Eliza Miller
died Sept 1st 1851

Mari Louise Daughter of Jacob & Catharine E. Follett
Died August 1st 1851

Charlott Miller Died August the 21th 1862

Gertrude Miller died Sept. th 15 1873

Harry Leonard Follett April 27 - 193 [no last digit]

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