McLeod Bible


McLeod-Martin Family Bible

Submitted Oct 22 1996 by:
Ern Ackroyd
4008 McLellan Street
Victoria, BC
V8Z 3Y2

This record has been transcribed from four photocopied pages. The original bible is in the hands of family in Oliver, BC, Canada, but for inquiries, please contact the submitter - Ern Ackroyd.

The McLeod family was of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Surnames in this record:

The Self-Explanatory Family Bible
The Holy Bible
Old and New Testaments
Translated out of the original tongues,
and with the former translations diligently compared and revised
with marginal readings
and Original and selected parallel references
Printed at length.
London and Glasgow
William Collins, Sons, & Company
Publishers of bibles, prayers, and church services.

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Parents Names:

Husband William Donald MCLEOD
Born Born the 16 March 1834
Wife Annie MARTIN
Born March the 15 1846
Married the 23 of June 1866

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Albion Hugh [MCLEOD] April 1st 1908

Parmenas [MCLEOD] April 6th 1912

Annie [MCLEOD] September 14th 1912

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Thomas Mashkill MCLEOD Born June the 27 1867

Albion Hugh MCLEOD Born January the 8 1869

William MCLEOD Born October 14th 1870

Annie Gertrude MCLEOD Born June the 8th 1873

Horace MCLEOD Born May the 21st 1875

Parmenas MCLEOD Born Nov 27 1876

Sarah Elizabeth [MCLEOD] Born July 14th 1879

John Franklin MCLEOD Born Septr the 17 1881

Annie [MCLEOD] Born Dec 4th 1883

Charles Martin [MCLEOD] May the 16 1886

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Horace MCLEOD died Jany 1876

Annie Gertrude died May the 7, 1879

John Franklin died August 1st 1884

Father Wed. October 16th 1912 [William Donald MCLEOD]

Thomas Maskill died Jan 22nd, 1914, age 47

Mother died Oct. 30th 1922, aged 76 [Annie MARTIN]
buried on Wed. the 1st of November 1922.

Annie died on April 25 1931, aged 47.

Parmenas died July 1, 1958 (in Winnipeg).