McGavock Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Tennessee Records, Bible
Records and Marriage Bonds
, Compiled by Jeannette Tillotson
Acklen, 1933, p 109.

There appears to be a typo, with Harriet born in 1855
and married in 1844. This is verbatim from the original


Below this line, verbatim from source except for some minor
formatting changes. Please note that "now in possession of"
and "still living" refers to 1933 or thereabouts.

Records from family Bible of Col. John McGavock, late
of Franklin Tennessee, now in possession of his daughter,
Mrs. Hattie McGavock Cowan, of Franklin, Tennessee,
published by American Bible Society, 1846.

Col. John McGavock, born April 2, 1815, died June 7, 1893.

Caroline E. Winder, wife of Col. McGavock, born Sept., 1829,
died Feb. 22, 1905, married Dec. 5, 1848.

George Limerick Cowan, born in Derry County, Ireland,
Oct. 15, 1842, died Sept. 18, 1919.

Harriet Young McGavock, wife of George L. Cowan, born July 2,
1855, married January 3, 1844 [?!] (still living)

Winder McGavock, son of Col. John McGavock, born July 13,
1857, died June 3, 1907.

Susie Lee Ewen, wife of Winder McGavock, born April 4,
1863, died Oct. 25, 1931, married Feb. 5, 1883.