McCuller Bible


McCuller / McCullar Family Bible

Submitted August 11, 1997 by:
Linda June Cousins Winslager


MCCULLER Bible of Hardin County, Shilo Battlefield, Tenn.
Records of David Green McCullers BIBLE dated 1848, born in Ga.
died in Hardin County Tenn. [tombstone spells it McCullar].
I received copies of the orginal from my cousin Ron McCuller.
Linda June Cousins Winslager.

Surnames found in this record:

[page 1]
David G McCullers was married to Mary Watson 8th day of december 1830
James M McCullers was married to Susan E Mitchell 28th day of Dec 1874
David C McCullers was married to Elizabeth Ann Ross the 20th day of dec 1868

Elizabeth Ann McCullers was borned Jamuary 6th 1846

[page 2]
David G McCullers was born the 13th day of June 1807
Mary Watson now McCullers was born the 20th day of Dec 1811
Eliza Frances McCullers was born the 2nd day of September 1831
Emiline amanday McCullers was born the 4th day of April 1833
Selia Jane McCullers was born the 10th day of June 1835
William Lewis McCullers was born the 17th day of February 1837

Mary Agness McCullers was born the 17th day of January 1839
Samuel H McCullers was born the 5th day of January 1841
David Crockett McCullers was born the 25th day of November 1842
Suzan Matilday McCullers was born the 20th day of March 1845
Bryant Watson McCullers was born the 19 day of March 1847

David T McCullers was born January 1 1876
Mary R McCullers was born Nov 7 1877
(transcribers note: two above children of James Madison MCCullers
married to Suzan E Mitchell)

[page 3]
Samuel H McCullers departed this life on 1st day of January 1842
Suzan Matilday departed this life on the 13 day of October 1847
Matthew C McCullers was bornd June 18th 1849
David G Sowell was bornd Noveber 14 1847
Matthew C McCullers departed this life on the 27th day of August 1850
Sarah Masury McCullers was born the 20th day of January 1852

Sarah M McCullers departed this life on the 10th day of October 1853
William L McCullers departed this life on the 16th day of October 1853
James XXX Mc/cullers was bornd the 10th day of April 1854
William W House was bornd 3rd day of july 1854
David G McCullers departed this life January the 12 1859

Bryant Watson McCullers departed this life May 14th 1863

Susan E Mitchell now Mccullers was born 4th day of July 1854

[page 4 ]
Mary R McCullers departed this life Sept 23rd 1878
James Madison McCUllers departed this life Oct 26th 1878
Elizabeth Francis Edwards departed this life March 26th 1879
(transcribers note: she married 1st George Washington SOWELL)

Emiline Amanday House departed this life Sept 21st 1884
Mary McCullers now Seay departed this life August the 7th 1886

D. C. McCULLAR died 24th April 1912
Elizabeth Ann McCullers died Aug 19 1928
Mary Almedia McCullers died 1935
Elbert Taylor McCullers died Aug 1952

l[oose pages in bible]
(transcribers note: children of David Crockett MCCULLERS)

Mary Almeda McCullers was bornd Oct 20 1869
Marthy Jane McCullerrs was borned May the 5th 1871
James Madison McCullers was born Dec 28 1872
Robert Lee McCullers was born July 23rd 1875
Elbert Taylor McCullers was born Sept 23rd 1877
Egar McCullers was born April 11 1880
David Cleveland McCullers was born Nov 8th 1884

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Marthey Jane McCullers departed this life Dec 1st 1872
Robert Lee McCullers daparted this life Nov 15th 1878

[2nd loose page (torn in half)]

5th day of January 1870

Ann Neal Hous born on the 7th day of December 1871
James Virgil House born on the 9th day of January 1874
John Eldridge House born on the 14th day of Nov 1875

makeing in all one dozen

Edanes Elizabeth House was born on the 6th day of January 1877

(transcribers note: this indicates there was another child born
after the term was written makeing in all one dozen)
- Linda June Cousins Winslager Dec 28 1996