Marr Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Court and Other
. Volume Two, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1932, pp 220.


Below this line, verbatim from source.


Lawrence Marr-His Bible, bought in 1755.
"His children, born unto him and his equal half at Ester, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania":
William Marr, born March 18, 1732.
Thomas Marr, born Aug. 6, 1734.
Joseph Marr, born Oct. 30, 1736.
Elmer Marr, born Dec. 3, 1738.
*David Marr, born Dec. 20, 1740.
Daniel Marr, born Aug. 8, 1742.
"The above copied by Enos Marr out of Lawrence Marr's Bible in the family of my uncle, Joseph Marr.

Signed: "ENOS MARR, Oct. 24, 1850."

Children of David Marr and wife, Sarah:
Mary Marr, born Dec. 5, 1764.
Ann Marr, born Feb. 28, 1767.
Elizabeth Marr, born July 4, 1769.
Sarah Marr, born May 25, 1771.
Lawrence Marr, born July 18, 1773.
Eleanor Marr, born April 20, 1775.
Susannah Marr, born June 20, 1777.
Rachel Marr, born May 14, 1780.
Martha Marr, born Sept. 30, 1782.
David Marr, born Aug. 20, 1784.
Margt. Marr, born Aug. 1, 1786.
Judith Marr, born Oct. 7, 1788.
David Marr, born Sept. 10, 1790.
Abraham Dills and wife, Elizabeth (Marr) Dills were married in Pennsylvania and immigrated to Harrison County, Kentucky, at an early date--see Perrin's History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, pg 652.

The foregoing records were taken from the Bibles of Lawrence Marr and his son, David Marr.