Linhardt Bible

Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Ulten und
Neuen Teftaments. Neu Yort, American Bible Society,

This Bible is in fair condition, with the binding nearly gone
and the leather dusting heavily. The pages appear in good
shape. There is some water damage.

There is no clear place for this family, and the variety of
spellings makes it difficult to track down. There is a receipt
for property taxes for Catherine Fehner from 1898 in
Woodward County, Oklahoma Territory. There are also
several blond braided locks in this Bible.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Trauungen Marriages]

Joseph Linhardt & Catharine Dumbeck was married in April

Fritz Fehner & Catharine Linhardt married in April 1886

[Page Two -- Geburten Births]

Joseph Linhardt was born March 18th 1820

Catharine Dumbeck April 8 1837

Christian F. Linhardt Jany 5th 1857

Frank Linhardt Octbr 15 1858

John Linhardt Septbr 8 1861

Elisabeth Linhardt Decbr 31., 63

Joseph Linhardt Septbr 13, 67

G. C. Linhardt June 21, 69

Anna Matilda Linhardt Feb 12, 73.

[Page Three -- Geburten Births]

John Peter Enderes Born January the 20 AD 1836

[Page Four -- Sterbefalle Deaths]

John Linhardt died August 24. 1866

C. F. Linhardt died January 3, 1877.

Joseph Linhardt died Novbr. 3. 1882

Anna Magdalena " August 6th 1887.

Catharine Lenhart Died Apr 16 1910

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