Landis Bible

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1841 Bible Phinney HILLS # 1100

Hills #1100: "1841 The Holy Bible... With Canne's Marginal Notes and References...
Published and Sold by H. & E. Phinney: Cooperstown, N.Y.... and sold by I. Tiffany:
Utica. 1 vol: (576) (99) 577-768 29 cm. "

Genealogical Information:

John B. Landis married Mary Kagey by Rev. George Leiter 11/10/1842
John C. Landis married Sadie M. Burns by Rev. Keifer 5/31/1896
Reuben Landis married Catharine Young by Rev. Wiles 1/26/1865
John D. Conant married Era Landis by Rev. A. Smith 2/7/1920
John E. Conant married Ann Cooke 12/19/1944
Merl H. Landis married Evelyne Ann Shall 10/11/1935
Helen Landis married Dewey Noogle 4/6/1917
Francis Noogle married Carl Sten
Charles E. Landis (son of Merl Landis) married Louise Mae Emery 2/2/1957
Nancy A. Landis (son of Merl) married James S. Glasgo 7/8/1960

John B. Landis 4/18/1816
Mary wife of John 10/18/1822
Francis Noogle 1/17/19
Garnet Noogle 5/11/1920
Carla Sten
Sandra Sten
Reuben (son of John & Mary) 11/8/1843
Mary Ann (daughter John & Mary) 7/27/1845
John (son of John & Mary) 11/20/1850
John C. (son of Reuben & Catharine) 5/8
Sadie (wife of John C.) 8/13
Helen C. (Daughter of John & Sadie) 1/23
Merl H. (son of John & Sadie) 8/3/1901
Eva R. (Daughter of John & Saide) 8/27/1896
John D. Conant (husband Eva R) 11/5/1897
John E. (son of John & Eva L. Conant) 10/26/1920
Charles Landis (son of Merl & Evalyne) 7/26/1936 Lucas, Ohio
Nancy Ann Landis (daughter of Merl & Evalyne) 1/31/1942
Peggy Lou Landis (daughter of Merl & Evalyne) 8/18/1946
Martin B. Landis (son of Merl & Evalyne) 11/18/1947
Joyce Marie Landis, (daughter of Merl & Evalyne) 8/31/1949
Evalyn Ann (wife of Merl) born Mary Elizabeth & Laura Conant, twins of John E. and
Ann Conant 3/16/1946
James Bryant Conant (son of John E. & Ann Conant) 10/27/1949
Mary Elizabeth Ann Cooke (wife of John Conant) 3/5/1919
Thomas Sanford Conant (son of John E & Ann Conant) 9/20/1953 Frederick, MD
Louise M. Landis (wife of Charles Landis) 10/9/1937
Lori Lynn Landis (daughter Charles & Louise Landis) 12/17/1961
Cynthia Ann Glasgo (daughter of Nancy & James Glasgo) 8/18/1960
Lisa Marie Glasgo (daughter Nancy & James Glasgo) 11/28/1963

Mary Ann (daughter John B & Mary Landis) 4/4/1848
John (son of John B & Mary Landis) 11/8/1855
Ruben, (son of John A & Mary Landis) 4/1922
John C. Landis, (son of Ruben Landis) 10/8/1947
Sadie May (wife of John C. Landis) 9/30/1950
Mother Conant 2/12/1954
Mother of John D. Conant age 83
Helen Landis Noogle 10/7/1933
Garnet Noogle (her daughter) 10/17/1933 (killed auto accident)
Martin B. Landis, (son of Merl H. Landis) 3/3/1948
H. Merl Landis 8/13/1954 - son of John & Saide Landis aged 53

Also included in this Bible are:
Death notice of Reuben Landis
Death notice Helen Emily Constance daughter of M&M John D. Constance, Jr.
A revival notice by the Rev. Henry Williams
A full newspaper column of select poetry titled "The House That Jack Built" and what
the Jews say of it.
The words to Holy Night from a newspaper
A piece of cloth
A receipt dated Mifflin, Ohio dated 1/31/1896

1. Title Page: H & E Phinney's Stereotype Edition. The Holy Bible, containing the Old
and New Testaments: together with the Apocrypha: Translated out of the original
tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, with
Canne's Marginal Notes and References, to which are added an Index: An
Alphabetical Table, of all the names in the Old and New Testaments, with their
significations; Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins, Etc. Cooperstown,
N.Y.. Published and sold by H. & E. Phinney... Sold Also by I. Tiffany, Utica dated

2. Verso of title page is the names and order of all the books of the Old and New
Testaments, and of the Apocrypha, with the number of their chapters.

3. page 3 is the Letter "To The Reader" which has in error the 1610 statement plus
two hundred years which would indicate 1810. So it is probably a revision of an 1810

4. Contents of the Books of the Old and New Testaments. (page 4-8)

5. Genesis begins on page 9 (Signature page B). Double columns with marginal notes
on outside of columns. Old Testament is pages 9-574.

6. after page 48 a full-page plate blank on verso is "Joseph Sold By His Brethren"
Genesis 37:28

7. after page 72 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "Pharaoh and his Host
Drowned" Exodus 14:28.

8. after page 120 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "Balaam" Numbers 22:23 by

9. after page 192 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "Samuel Anointing David" 1
Samuel 16:13.

10. after page 312 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "Josiah Destroying The Idols"
2 Chronicles 34:4. by HALL

11. after page 456 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "The Church Comforted With
Promises" Isaiah 43:2. Page has a 4" tear.

12. after page 560 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "Jonah Preaching To The
Ninevites" Jonah 3:4. by J. HALL

13. End of Old Testament page 574. Followed Table of several passages quoted by
Christ; A chronological Index of Years from Adam unto Christ; A Table of time and a
table of offices and condition of men (2 p)

14. Family Record: Marriages, births and deaths - see previous listings.

15. Apocrypha (page 1-98. 8-page signatures A-N, skip J

16. New Testament Title page is dated 1841. Also added the following "and sold by
them at their book-store, and by the booksellers generally in the United States. On
verso is Account of the dates or time of writing the books of the New testament.

17. New Testament (pages 579-754)

18. after page 600 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "John Baptist's Head in a
Charger" Matthew 14:11

19. after page 648 a full-page plate blank on verso titled "Touch Me Not" John 20:17

20. Pages 755-762. An Index to the Holy Bible, or an account of the most remarkable
passages in the books of the Old and New Testaments pointing to the time wherein
they happened, and to the places of Scripture wherein they are revealed.

21. Pages 763-764 Tables of Scripture, measures, weights, and coin with an
appendix; Analysis of the OT and NT; A Table of Kindred and Affinity and Judea,
Palestine or the Holy Land.

22. Page 765-768 An Alphabetical table of the Proper Names in the OT and NT
together with the meaning or signification of the words in their original languages..