Lafferty Bible

This loose leaf was disbound from a Bible and was present with
a mortgage deed and a bond receipt. There is only one page
present, and there is writing on only one side of that. The date
of the Bible is not known, but I would guess mid-19th century.

Transcribed by and in possession of Tracy St. Claire.

Internet sources place this family in originally in Cumberland County,



Thomas Lafferty and Family

Thomas Lafferty was born April 6th 1810

Elizabeth Lafferty was born Sepr 3d 1808

Fountain Lafferty, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Lafferty, was born
on February 10th 1831.

Sandford Lafferty was born March 17, 1832

Amand Jane Lafferty was born March 2d 1834

Sarah E. Lafferty was born November 5th 1835

Louisa E. Lafferty was born Aug 17 1837

Elzie Thomas Lafferty was born [not finished]

Fountain Lafferty and Family

Fountain Lafferty was born February 10th 1831.