King Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Genealogy of Some Early
Families in Grant and Pleasant Districts, Preston County West
, Edward Thorp King, 1933, p 136.


Below this line, verbatim from source, except for some presentation details.

Family Bible of George H. King, now owned by a daughter Mrs. Lillian
Gibson, Pisgah, West Virginia. The fly leaf reads, "Geo. H. and Frances A.
King's Bible 1892". Printed by National Publishing Co. 724 Cherry St.,
Philadelphia, Penna.


This is to certify that George H. King and Frances A. Christopher were joined
in marriage by me at Albright on the 28th day of February 1862 in the presence
of Wm. King and Jehu and Irwin Christopher. (sined) [sic] Rev. G.W. Arnold,
Minister, M.E.C.


George H. King Oct. 4, 1837.
Frances A. King Sept. 2, 1836.
Lowry C. King Jan. 20, 1863.
Isaloma E. King Oct. 1, 1864.
Ulyssus G. King Jan. 29, 1867.
Nora J. King Feb. 3, 1869.
Ida C. King Apr. 18, 1872.
Marshall S. King Nov. 24, 1874.
Lillian B. King Dec. 17, 1875.


George H. King Sept. 12, 1915.
Frances A. King June 1, 1907.
Nora J. King Feb. 12, 1872.
Marshall S. King Jan. 11, 1875.
Lowry C. King Jan. 10, 1878.
Ulyssus G. King Jan. 22, 1878.
Ida C. King Jan. 28, 1878.


Herman E. Darby and Isaloma E. King were married Oct. 29, 1885 by Rev.
D. Flannigan.

Bruce H. Gibson and Lillian B. King were married Dec. 30, 1900 by Rev. E.P.


Bruce Herbert Gibson June 29, 1879.
Lilian Blanche Gibson Dec. 17, 1875.
Mabel Frances Gibson May 23, 1902.
Dwight King Gibson Apr. 23, 1903.
George Herbert Gibson July 7, 1915.