Kenyon Bible

Submitted by George Kenyon
92-205 Plains Road West
Burlington, Ontario, L7T 4H3
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Transcribed from photocopies.


[The old Benjamin Franklin Kenyon family bible
This family bible is believed to have belonged to Benjamin Franklin Kenyon (1873-1972), ninth child of Benjamin Kenyon (1831-1910) and Carolina (Joyce) Kenyon (1843-1933). It is now in the possession of Nancy (Kenyon) Sont, a great-great-grandaughter of Benjamin Sr.
The bible was given to her by the second wife of Benjamin Jr. The family information is on two plain paper pages pasted into the back cover of the bible.
Following are transcripts of these two pages of family records.]

[Transcript, Benjamin Franklin Kenyon Bible:
First family history page:]

Benjamin Kenyon Bourn April 18th 1831
Caroline Kenyon Bourne March 23 1843
Married March 2nd 1860
Henry J. Kenyon Bourn Oct 24th 1860
John Joseph Kenyon Bourn Jan 10th 1862
Benjamin Kenyon Jr. Bourn Sept 17th 1863
And died October 9th 1863
Charles Edwin Kenyon Bour. Aug 4th 1864
Mary Jane Kenyon Bourn May 2nd 1866
George Irving Kenyon Bourn March 22 1868
Elizabeth Ann Kenyon Bourn January 24th 1870
Eugenie Kenyon Bourn October 11th 1871
Benjamin Franklin Kenyon Bourn Nov 10 1873
Caroline Kenyon Bourn February 12th 1881
Benjamin Kenyon died aged 79 years four months
and 21 days Sept the 8 1910

[Transcript, Benjamin Franklin Kenyon Bible:
Second family history page:]

E. Kenyon died July 1916 - in Seattle Wash.
Eugenie Kenyon MacGregor died Dec 30 - 1933
Caroline Kenyon Sr. died June 24th 1933
John J. Kenyon, died March 4th 193(?)
Charles Edward Kenyon died March 2nd 1938.