Kendall Bible

Submitted by Julia Barclay(

Bible belonged to Annie KENDALL of Stonehouse in Gloucestershire, England.
I acquired the bible from my father, it belonged to the second wife of my great great grandfather.
The book is a large, leather bound volume with tooling of the leather and gilding. The edges of the binding are trimmed with brass and the book is kept closed with two brass clasps.
The publisher is William Collins, Sons & Co., Glasgow, London and Edinburgh, I can't find a copyright date on it, but it was given from husband to wife 1878. This would have been the 1st anniversary of their marriage.



[ON THE FIRST BLANK PAGE- written in calligraphy;]
Annie Kendall.

[BETWEEN OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS ON PAGES DESIGNED FOR THE PURPOSE - the two sections written in different hands]

The children of John & Mary Burrows
Harriet Burrows Born Feb 3th 1841
William Burrows Born May 31th 1842
John Burrows Born June 14 th 1844
Mary Jane Burrows Born July 29 th 1846
Annie Burrows Born April 10 th 1849
Emma Burrows Born Sep 14 th 1851
Julia Burrows Born March 2th 1856
Henery Burrows Born May 16 th 1858
Mary Elizabeth Burrows Born Dec 19 th 1862
Thomas Thompson Burrows Dec 31 th 1865

This Book was Presented To
Anne Kendall By Her Husband
John Kendall Has A Token
Of Love And Affection Towards Her
Given To Her This 26th Day of December
In The Year of Ower Lord. 1878