Josselyn Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Teftaments,
Edinburgh, Mark and Charles Kerr, MDCCXCV (1795).

This Bible is one of two from this family. The other
a later
Bible of son Daniel, is also on this site.

This Bible is in fair condition, lovingly used and repaired
through the years.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Reverse of New Testament Title Page]

T.L. Gurney's greatgrandfater [written in pencil above first entry]

Isaac Jofselyn Borne Auguft 15th Monday 1768
Mary Jofselyn Born July the 14th Day 1774
Abigail Jofselyn born friday April the 3d 1789
Chriftiana Jofselyn born friday february 12th Day 1791
Prifcilla Jofselyn born Saturday April 21 Day 1792
Sophia Jofselyn born Monday April 21 Day 1794
Isaac B. Jofselyn born Sunday January 17 Day 1796
Joseph Balfton born Sunday April 21 Day 1793
Mary Balfton born Saturday february 7 1795
Elmer Jofselyn born thirdsday April 25 1799
Daniel Jofselyn born Sunday May the 18th 1800
Celea Jofselyn born Sunday January 24 1802
Lois D. Jofselyn born Wednefday December 14 1803
Emily Jofselyn born Wednefday August 28 day 1805
Elizabeth Jofselyn born Thirdsday October 15 Day 1807
Almira [??] Jofselyn born July the 11 Day 1809

[Page Two -- Opposite of New Testament Title Page]

Pembroke July 1812
July the 7 Day by the will of God
Elisabeth C. Josselyn Deceased Aged 4 years 6 months and 23 Days

June 17th 1846 Isaac Jofselyn Died
May 4th 1849 Mary Jofselyn Died

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------