Jones Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Tennessee Records, Bible
Records and Marriage Bonds
, Compiled by Jeannette Tillotson
Acklen, 1933, p 353.

Note: The Peggy Ann Jones record looks out of place. The births
are all in order except for that one. Later, the record says
that "Margaret A." would be 20 on Dec. 21st, 1858. I typed it as
seen in that record.


Below this line, verbatim from source except for some minor
formatting changes.


Sent by Mary Robertson

William Jones, Mar. 16, 1786.
Isabel Jones, April 5, 1790.
Albert Jones, Mar. 6, 1810.
John Jones, Mar. 8, 1813.
Andrew Jones, Sept. 21, 1814.
Robert Jones, Dec. 28, 1815.
Peggy Ann Jones, Dec. 21, 1810.
William Ewen Jones, April 15, 1821.
Enoch J. Jones, Mar. 10, 1824.
Samuel P. Jones, Oct. 7, 1826.

Thomas Thorn was born June 16, 1842;
was married to Margaret A. Jones Nov.
5, 1858. Her age would have been
twenty the 21st of Dec.

Wm. T. Thorn was born Nov. 6, 1839.
Mother Jones departed this life Jan.
5, 1831; age, 61 years.

Sarah Smith departed this life Mar.
6, 1848, in her sixty-second year of
her life.