Johnson Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the
Pennsylvania Genealogical
, Volume 7, Number 1, Page 41, March 1918.

The preface to a group of Bible records, including this one, reads:

To the flotsam and jetsam of book sales and the old bookstand, which,
some fifteen or more years ago, occupied the southeast corner of Second
and Walnut Streets, came the Bibles from which the following records
were copied. Whither these Bibles were carried on the tide waters of chance
will, collectively, never be known, but the entries therein, herewith
preserved as memorials to the human trinity, father, mother and child, may
be of future value to those genealogically inclined.



Davis and Harvey sale of 19 October, 1898.

Luke Morris and Anna Paul Johnson had
Abbey Willing Johnson, born 30 October 1845
Justus Johnson, born 28 October, 1848.
Ann Willing Johnson, born 14 November, 1850.
Abbey Willing }
Justus } Baptised 13 April, 1851, by Rev. John Rodney at Germantown.
Ann }
Luke M. Johnson died Thursday, 9 September, 1854.
Abbey Willing died 19 August, 1858.