Jeancon-Hughes Bible

From The Estate of Ruth Alleine Hughes
This Bible is currently in the possession of Mr. & Mrs. William Robert Hughes
Contact: Pamela Hopper

This Bible is transcribed as accurately as possible from the original, no changes or corrections have been made, May 9, 2005, By Pamela (Hughes) Hopper. Proofread May 12, 2005 By William R. Hopper.

Italics signify actual hand written entries.

Holy Bible
The King James And The Revised Versions
of the
Old And New Testaments

Cincinnati Ohio
22 Bodman Building
1160 (hand written number)
Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1892, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.

The Jeancon family lived in Ford County Illinois, New Port Kentucky and some of them later, in Colorado. Jean Allard Jeancon, the father of the Charles A. Jeancon who is listed in this Bible, was born in Cambrai France and came the United States sometime after 1854. He settled in New Port KY after serving as a Union Surgeon during the Civil War. He practiced medicine in Newport until his death in 1903.

William Ashton Hughes, a Los Angeles Times photographer, made a business trip to Denver Colorado where he met and on April 24, 1907 married Marguerite Blanche Jeancon, who is listed in this Bible. After the birth of their second daughter Dorothy, they returned to Los Angles were they resided until their deaths. Many of their descendents still live in the Los Angeles area.





To Mrs. M. Etta Jeancon
By Her Husband

This Certifies That Mary Etta Westrope Of Gibson City Ills. And Charles A. Jeancon Of Newport Ky

Were Joined Together By Me In The Bonds of Holy Matrimony At Gibson City Ills. on the Twenty Ninth day of August in the year of our Lord 1879

In Presence of
J. (A. ?) Hughes & Wife *(not the actual signature of this person)
W. A. Westrope & Wife *(not the actual signature of this person)
W. F. Gilmore *(not the actual signature of this person)
Pastor M. E Church *(not the actual signature of this person)

Marguerite Jeancon age 19. and
William Ashton Hughes age " 26 at Denver Colo April 24/07

Edna Clare Davis and Jean Allard Jeancon. at
Cebre (?), Philippine Islands, Apr. 16-1908

Jean Allard Jeancon Nov. 12 -1880
Etta Charlotta Jeancon. Oct. 25 -1882
Marguerite Blanche Jeancon Aug. 31 -1887
Armond Charles Jeancon Sept. 24 -1890
Harold Marion Jeancon Mar 11 -1892

Mary Etta Jeancon Dec - 20 -1861
Chas. A. Jeancon Feby. 28 -1858

Blanche Elizabeth Hughes. June 9 -1908
Dorothy Fern " July 12 -1909
Jeanette Clare Jeancon July 23 -1909.
Oscar Ronald Jeancon Oct 13 1910
Ruth Alleine Hughes Sept. 22. 1911
Daisy Edna Hughes Sept - 8 -1912
William Robert Hughes Jan. 27 -1916
Edwin Ashton Hughes Jan 31 - 1921

Mary Etta Jeancon Died Aug 3. 1896. Aged 34 years 7 mos 14 days
Blanch Marguerite Hughes died July 8 1914 - 6 years 1 month.
Blanche Elizabeth Jeancon died


Mementos placed in the last page of the Bible are the following items:

- Four flower cards addressed to Hughes/Pierc Bros. Two addressed to Blanche Hughes.
- One pressed rose
- One round flower embroidered piece of red cloth.

Pages are transcribed in the order that they appear in the Bible.

* Appears to be copied from another document or source, and not the actual signature of the person.

? Question mark indicates inability to transcribe letter with certainty.

Some of the hand written entries are recognized and confirmed by William Robert Hughes as being in the handwriting of his mother, Marguerite Blanche Jeancon.