Hobson Bible

This 1734 Edinburgh bible was sold on eBay in January 2003 to an unknown buyer. Seller gave permission to submit photos and transcriptions to this site.

Sources on Rootsweb World Connect place this family in Essex County, MA.

Transcribed by Tara Hawkins.


Pg 1
Ruth M. Tyrie - 1946

N.E. Hobson book

[difficult to read]
R.nby Nov 8 1841
Nath'l E. Hobson Book
A present from his mother November 8 1841

Pg 3

The births of the children of …. Hobson & Sarah Hobson
Sarah Hobson Born August the 2 1780
Nathan Hobson Born May the 17 1782
Eliphalet Hobson Born May the 16 1786(?)
Moses(?) & Aaron Hobson Born August the 6 1788
Jewett Hobson Born August the 19 1792
Sarah Hobson Born February the 9 1795

Pg 4

Nath'l E. Hobson [page ripped] Feb the 8 1817

Pg 5

Crissillar Jewett Her
Who parted this life in September