Hine Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
American Bible Society, New York, 1818. Hills #351.

The Bible is in fair condition, with both covers detached
and the spine damaged. Some foxing. The last part of
Revelation is missing, and a very ancient stitched repair
was made on the front cover. It is one of the earliest
copies from the American Bible Society.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,

The handwriting here is questionable. Please view
the scans for yourself before using this information.


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Inscription]

Wyllys B. Hine's
Jan 1st 1822
Price $1.50

[Page Two -- Page Before OT Title Page]

My mother Mary Hine died Feb 17 1812 Aged 53

My Brother Joel Hine jr died April 18th 1822 Aged 40

My Sister Mary Tolles died Feb 16 - 1825 Aged 40

My Father Col Joel Hine [Rev War?] died June 20th
1826 Aged 74

My Brother Isaac Hine died Nov 5th 1847 Aged 70

My Grand-Father Charles Hine died Dec 18 - 1791 Aged 62

My Grandmother Lydia Hine died Jan 29 - 1810 Aged 77

My Brother Lewis Hine, Died in N Haven Conn August 2nd 1863
aged 62

My wife will take this Book when I have done with it, & when she
has done with it let my oldest child living take it, & let it continue
to be the property of the oldest child's and then the oldest
grand child living ?? August 16th 1863 W. B. Hine

[Page Three -- Reverse of NT Title Page]

Wyllys B. Hine was born Feb 5th 1798

Polly H. Sperry was born March 15th 1802

Wyllys B Hine and Polly H Sperry was married April 20th 1823

Wales Hine was born Sept 15th 1824

Mary Hine was born April 10th 1825

Sally Hine was born July 5th 1828

Martha Jane Hine was born Sept 22 1834

My Grand Daughter Sarah Ella Tuttle Died July 4th 1865 Aged 16
She Bled to Death

My daughter, Sarah A. Fowler [??] Died of Typhoid Fever
Nov 18th 1865 aged 37

My Grand Son James W. Tuttle Died of Consumption
April 18 1866 aged 14 years

Frank Wales Tuttle Died Sept 3d 1890 age 39

??ate Curtis Tuttle his wife Died Oct7th 1892 age 42

James Tuttle, Husband of Mary Hine Tuttle Died Sept
3d 1860 [or 1865] age 39

Willis B. Hine our Father died June 1st 1877

Polly Sperry Hine our mother " August 1st 1877

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------