Hill Family Record

This is a letter and accompanying document stating
ancestral information about the family of Joseph Hill
and his relatives, I think, judging by the letter. It
appears that he was collecting information about the
family from his various relatives.

The letter was written by Jerry Crary, who was collecting
information for a book he later published in 1917: Ancestors
and Descendants of Calvert Crary and His Wife, Jerry
Crary, 1917, New York : T. A. Wright.

The accompanying document may be what
Jerry Crary sent to Lib, or perhaps it is what Lib sent
back to him, along with his letter as reference, or
neither. It appears to be written earlier than 1893 -- the
embossed stationery dates to the mid-19th century,
and no dates are later than 1849. It doesn't quite match
what Jerry's "memories" of the Hill genealogy would be,
dating 120 years before the letter was written, so I
am skeptical that it is the document he is referring to
in the letter, but it might very well be.

It appears from his book that this family was from Connecticut.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Letter]

52 Waverly St. Jersey City, April 13th 1893.

My Dear Lib: --

I enclose you what memories I have of the genealogy
of the Hill family. I would like to make a nice Type
written copy of a continuation of what I have here of the family
record to the present time, and if I can get it full enough to
amount to anything I will have it printed.

What I want first is the date of all the Marriages of grandmother
Carrier's children and the name and date of birth of
their husbands and wives, and of their children and grandchildren
all the births marriages deaths &c. When you see Aunt Sally, get
what you can from her, and get what you can from Mary Lute, and
then there is David and Joseph Hill, get what dates you can, and
those you can't get give me the address and I will write them.

Perhaps your Mother can give the date of the marriages of all
her brothers and sisters.

Be careful and write names and dates very plainly.

P. S. If you can get any dates prior to those I send I should
prize them very highly.

Give my love to your Mother.

Yours Truly:
J.M. Crary.

[Page Two -- Family Information]


Sturges Banks born Oct 26th 1773
Sarah Banks " April 8 1776
Hezekiah Banks " Dec 12th 1777
Patta Banks " April 7th 1780
Mary Banks " July 20th 1782
Aretta [?] Banks " Jan 13th 1789
Jesup Banks " April 7th 1791
Walter Banks " June 3rd 1793

Joseph Hill " May 3rd 1774
Benjamin Hill "Feby 19th 1800
Sherwood Hill " Jan 1st 1802
Eliza Hill " Dec 1st 1803
Esther Hill " Sept. 27th 1805
Joseph Hill Jun " April 4th 1808
Hezekiah Hill " March 21st 1810
Sarah Hill " May 11th 1811
Areta Hill " April 18th 1813
Paulina Hill " June 13th 1816

Ebenezer Carrier " Jan 28th 1774
Clarissa Day " May 8th 1777
Betsey Carrier " Aug 30th 1796
Eleanor Carrier " July 13th 1798
Minorres Carrier " May 31st 1800
Maria Carrier " Feb 11th 1802
Louisa Carrier born Feb. 2nd 1805 [corrected from 1803]
Amasa Carrier " Oct 20th 1808
Eban Carrier " Jan 27th 1806
Flavius Carrier " Dec 20th 1810
Roderick Carrier born Feb 6 1813
Deborah Carrier " April 13, 1816
Julia Carrier " June 26t, 1818

[Page Three -- Family Information Reverse Side]


Hezekiah Banks died March 3rd 1812
Sarah Banks his wife " Feb 22nd 1815
Areta Nichols " July 10th 1815
Ebenezer Carrier " June 17th 1847

Joseph Hill & Sarah Banks married 1799

Joseph died April April 19th 1816
Sherwood Hill " Feb 6th 1849

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