Heverly Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. It was acquired from a
man in New York who saved the genealogical information
from Bibles that were being thrown away.

This is obviously a family record from a Bible. I can see
the very faint impression of a New Testament title page
against the deaths page, but no amount of squinting on
my part has revealed a publisher or a date.

Betsy is referred to with the surname "Bitts" on one page
and "Betts" on another, both very clear.

From what I gather, the place names below are townships
in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Births]

Amasa Heverly was born in Albany April 11th A.D. 1817

Betsy Ann Bitts nee Heverly was born in Palingstown April
21st A.D. 1819

Charles W Heverly was born in Forks August 15 AD 1844

Almira Heverly was born in Portdinton July 20th 1846

John A. Heverly was born in Forks April 11th AD 1850

Caroline Heverly was born in Forks April 5th AD 1852

Hiram W Heverly was born in Forks January 25 AD 1854

Jessie E. Heverly was born in Forks April 6 AD 1856

Mary F. Heverly was born in Forks August 11th AD 1858

George Heverly was born in Albany June 26 AD 1861

[Page Two -- Deaths]

Almira J. Reynolds Died June 22th AD 1870

Mary E. Reynolds Died December 14th 1869

Jessie E. Heverly Died September 13th AD 1871

Curtis Reynolds Died December 1867

Mary Heverly Died June 5th AD 1875

John A. Heverly Died March 4th AD 1886

Amasa Heverly Died July 29th AD 1888

Betsy Ann Betts (nee) Heverly died Apr 8th AD 1892

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