Helms Bible

Submitted July 2003 by:
Janie Elms Matthews

Surnames found in this record:

Helms-Griffin Family Bible In possession of Cynthia Elms DiGiulio, Monroe,
NC [1998]

The George Washington Helms and Mary Joanna Bible is missing the publication
page; however, there is a decorative marriage certificate bound in it that
has the date of July 1st 1886. George and Joanna were married in Union
County, North Carolina. The certificate has their marriage date as March
27, 1887.

G.W. Helms was Borned July 4 A.D. 1865
Joanna Helms was Borned May 10, A.D. 1866
W.B. Helms was Borned January 21, A.D. 1884
Vann Helms was Borned July 8, A.D. 1888
Stafford M. Helms was Borned Nov. 29, A.D. 1890
Geb Shearley Helms was Borned June 26, A.D. 1893
Rose Bell Helms was Borned Feb 22, A.D. 1896
Lottie May Helms was Borned July 29, A.D. 1899
Lurie Helms was Borned January 15, A.D. 1906

A.W. Griffin was Borned June 25, A. D. 1827
Elizebeth C. Griffin was Borned January 14, A. D. 1825
J.Y. Griffin was Borned August 27, A. D. 1867
J.A. Griffin was Borned December 5, A. D. 1871
Lelia M. Griffin was Borned June 16, A. D. 1880
Maggie Griffin was Borned December 2, A.D. 1898