Hatch Bible

The Devotional Family Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, A.J. Holman, Philadelphia, 1897. This is one
of the first modern-looking Bibles, with a soft cover and not
meant as a permanent Bible for the generations. It is in
average condition, intact but with heavy wear to the covers.

The only Internet records I can find of this family's places
Albertha being born in Utah, and some of the sons dying in
New Mexico.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire
tracy@stclaire.org .
This Bible was returned to descendants

Carol Hatch and family of Tuscon Arizona.



[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Emer Lester & Ancil was baptized at Ramah August 25 1914 by
Richard Bloomfield

Emer was confirmed by Fred Lewis & Lester was confirmed by
Frehof G Nielsen

Ancil was confirmed by Richard Bloomfield on same day they
was baptized

Left Fruitland Tuesday April, 4, 1911.

[Page Two -- Marriage]

Husband, James H. Hatch
Born Aug 18 - 1865

Wife Albertha Fransiska Nielson
Born, April 30 -- 1869

Married May 6th -- 1885

[Page Three -- Marriages]

James Ira Hatch to Abigal Burnham

Sarah Rhoana Hatch to Wesley F. Fish Aug. 10th 1912

Starnes P. Hatch to Rachel Brisbine

Elzada Hatch to Earl B. Young Dec. 13th 1911

Emer J. Hatch to Imogene Scheniger Jan. 30th 1921

[Page Four -- Children's Names]

Sarah Rhoana Hatch Mar. 5 - 1886

James Ira Hatch Born July 27th 1888

Starnes Peter Hatch " Mar. 12th 1891

Hulda Agnes Elizabeth Hatch " Jan. 12th 1894

Elzada Hatch " March 14th 1895

Emer John Hatch " Dec. 10th 1897

Henry Lester Hatch " May 15th 1900

Ancil B. Hatch " Mar. 17th 1903

True Bradford Hatch " Feb. 27th 1908

Albertha Hatch " Sep. 17th 1911

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Albirtha May 23, 1916

James Henry Sept. 12, 1942

Hulda Agnes Elizabeth Feb. 2, 1894

Elzada Oct. 17, 1926

Starnes Peter April 10, 1949

-----------END TRANSCRIPT------------------