Graf Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments,
New York, American Bible Society, 1887. This Bible
was presented to the Brooklyn City Bible Society at
one time.

It is in poor condition. It is a cheaper personal-bible, meant
to be carried around. The cover is detached and part
of the spine is missing.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- EndPage]

Louisa Ketting

South 3rd St. M.E. Church [stamped on]

[Page Two -- Marriages]

John Frederick Henry Graf
Louise Graf nee Ketting
May 4th 1875

Brooklyn July 14 /95
after this day i will not with the help of God touch
any intoxicating drink except for medical preparations
in witness of God this singed [sic] John Frederick Henry Graf

[Page Three -- Births]

John Frederick Henry Graf
January 1, 1853
Louise Graf nee Ketting
September 16, 1856


Lily Matilda Graf
May 9. 1876

Lucy Louise Graf
August 17. 1877

Clara Lisette Graf
October 11. 1879

Florence Henrieta Graf
January 2. 1881

X Female September 14. 1878
X Female January 9. 1882
X Male August 7. 1883

Charles Graf
August 29. 1885

Louis Antoine Graf
October 5. 1886

[Page Four -- Births]

Clarence Graf
October 5, 1888

Mary Graf
May 23 1890

Magurette Graf
October 16. 1891

Herman Henry Graf
October 15. 1887

William Graf
Jan 13. 1893

Edna Graf
June 7. 1894

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Florence Graf

X Female
X Female
X Male

Charles Graf

Louis Antoine Graf

Herman Henry Graf

John F. H. Graf
Sep. 25. 1895.

Clara Graf
Jan. 29th 1897.

Louisa Graf
Oct. 5, 1928

Clarence Graf
July 10, 1945

William Graf, August 10. 1939.

Louise Graf Nov. 2 1939.

Edna Graf Jan. 7. 1946.

Lillian Matilda Graf Aug 25. 1953

Margaret Graf Bell Feb. 8, 1976

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------