Gibson Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Court and Other
. Volume Two, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1932, pp 198-9.


Below this line, verbatim from the source. Transcript of a transcript, beware.




Susannah Hart Gibson (called after her grandmother), dau. of Tobias and Louisiana B. Gibson, born 30th May, 1828, at "Spring Hill," residence of Nathaniel Hart, Woodford County, Ky.
Sarah Thompson Gibson, 2nd child, dau. of Tobias and Louisiana Breckinridge Gibson, born May 17, 1830 at home of Ambrose Gibson, Warren County, Miss., 8 o'clock; named for her aunt.
Randal Gibson, son, born Sept. 10th, 1831, at Spring Hill; named after his grandfather, Rev. Randal Gibson.
Wm. Preston Gibson, son, born Oct. 16th, 1833, at home in Terreboune Parish, La.; named for his maternal uncle.
Son, Nathaniel Hart Gibson, born May 22nd, 1835, at "Shawnee Springs,' residence of Col. G. C. Thompson, Ky.; called for his grandsire, Nathaniel Hart.
Son, Claudius Gibson, born Feb. 5th, 1837, Terreboune, La.; named for his maternal uncle.
Son, Tobias Gibson, born Aug. 6th, 1838, in Lexington, Ky.; named for his father.
John McKinley Gibson, born Oct. 3, 1840, in Lexington; named for his paternal great-grandfather, John McKinley.
Son, Robt. Breckinridge Gibson, born Feb. 6, 1845, in Lexington; named for his cousin, Robt. J. Breckinridge.
Louisiana Breckinridge Hart Gibson, born Jan. 28, 1848, at Oak Forest, on Bayon Black; named for her mother.


Tobias Gibson of Jefferson County, Miss., was married to Louisiana Breckinridge Hart, third daughter of Nathaniel and Susanna Preston Hart, of Woodford County, Ky., on 14th day of June, in 1827, by the Rev. Geo. T. Chapman, of Lexington, Ky.
Sarah T. Gibson was married to Josephy A. Humphreys of Woodford County, on June 21, 1853, by Rev. Robt. Black of Lexington.
Wm. Preston Gibson was married to Elodie M. Humphreys, of St. James Parish, La., July, 1855.
Hart Gibson was married to Mary E. Duncan of Lexington, 22nd Sept., 1859, Lexington.


Susannah H. Gibson, died Jan. 20, 1830, at home of Ambrose Gibson, Warren County, Miss., and was buried at Dr. W. Faulks. Removed to and buried at Lexington, Ky. Aged 1 year 7 months 21 days.
Mrs. Susan Preston Hart died at her residence in Woodford County, Ky., aged 33; mother of Louisiana Breckinridge Hart Gibson.
Nathaniel Hart of Woodford County, Ky., father of Louisiana B. H. Gibson. (No date.)
Robert Breckinridge Gibson, buried at Traveler's Rest, 1845, son of Tobias and Louisiana B. H. Gibson, removed and buried at Lexington, June 27, 1857.
Louisiana B. Gibson, wife of Tobias Gibson, died in city of Havana, Cuba, where she had gone for her health, after two years sickness, on Feb. 20, 1851, and buried in Lexington, March 22, in 47th year of her age.
Randal Gibson died at his residence in Warren County, Miss., on April 13, 1836, aged 69 years. Father of Tobias Gibson.
Mrs. Harriett McKinley Gibson died at her residence in Warren County, Miss., on Oct. 6th, 1837, aged 57; mother of Tobias Gibson.
Claudius Gibson died at home of Mrs. S. S. Booth, in Warren County, Miss., on June 4th, 1841. Eldest brother of Tobias Gibson.
Nathaniel Hart, born of Louisiana B. H. Gibson, 1854, Spring Hill, Woodford County, Ky.
Gibson Bible, Philadelphia, Pa., 1826.