Garwood Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the
Pennsylvania Genealogical
, Volume 7, Number 1, Page 33, March 1918.


Johnson Garwood Bible

In Possession of Louis Ashbrook.

[The date of the publication is 1680. The entries are made in the various
blank spaces throughout the book and are not continuous.]

Mary Garwood, the daughter of William* and Martha Garwood was born
May 6, 1757, about half hour after two in the morning.

January 26, 1754 Sarah Garwood was born at 3 o'clock.

Joseph Garwood was born September 24, 1755 after 3 in the morning.

Martha Garwood departed (?) this life 25 (?) September, 1783.

January 1716, Martha Johnson ** was born 20[th] day, ait o'clock in
the morning. praise the name of the lord.

August the 6th day 1714 Mary Johnson was born at aite in the morning
and the first day of the week (?).

May 1719 Joseph Johnson was born the fourth day of May the
morning and the day of the week.

1754 The 25 of January about 1/2 an hour past seven o'clock in the morning
was born Sarah Garwood daughter of William and Martha Garwood of Wicaco
in the County of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania.

1757 17 of August about a half hour after two in the morning was born
Margaret [or Mary, not clear].

Aberham Jones the son of Isaac and Mary Jones was born the 23d day of
February (?) in ye year 1738 between (?) 1 and 2 (?) in the morning.

John Garwood son of William & Martha Garwood was born August ye
24 1744 about eight in the morning.

William Garwood the son of William and Martha Garwood was born ye 24th
day of November 1747 at half a hour past Two in ye morning.

.................................................. Wood was born 18 day 1750

Martha ye daughter of William and Martha Garwood was born ye 10 day
of January 1751 52.

Mary Johnson departed this life July 12 day 1752.

* William Garwood and Martha Johnson were married by license at Christ
Church, Philadelphia, 11 July, 1743.

**Daughter of John Johnson of Wiccacoe, Philadelphia, who died before 5
April, 1728, leaving widow Mary, and children Mary, Martha, Joseph, John
and Abraham. The widow, Mary Johnson, died, as stated in the Bible record,
12 July, 1752, and on 26 November, 1753, Abraham Johnson of Darby, Chester
County, Mary wife of Isaac Jones of Wiccacoe, Martha wife of William Garwood
of Wiccacoe, Joseph Johnson and John Johnson, children and heirs of the
first named John Johnson, conveyed a tract of land in Moyamensing.

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