Fristoe Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Records, Early
Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions
Volume One, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1926, p 150.


Below this line, verbatim from source.



Daniel Fristoe was born December 7, 1739.
Mary Fristoe was born September 11, 1735.
Susannah Fristoe, daughter of Daniel Fristoe and Mary, his wife, was born June 29, 1760.
Lydia Fristoe was born November 17, 1761.
Mary Fristoe was born May 22, 1765.
Thamar Fristoe was born January 17, 1770.
Thomas Fristoe was born November 27, 1767.
Ann Fristoe was born March 13, 1772.
Catherine Fristoe was born June 19, 1774.
Henry Williams, son of George and Mary Williams, was born March 10, 1779.
George Williams was born April 1, 1781.
The first daughter of Rhodin and Catherine Hord was born March 23, 1801, survived eight days.
Mary Hord was born May 7, 1802.
Thamar Hord was born January 7, 1805.
William Henry Hord was born December 9, 1807.
William Grinstead was born August 18, 1772.
Daniel Thomas Fristoe Hord was born April 10, 1810.
Rhodin Hord was born January 1, 1777, father five children.
Prudence Grinstead, daughter of William and Ann Grinstead, was born October 5, 1793.
William Grinstead and Ann, his wife, were married the 7th day of January, 1793.
Rhodin Hord and Catherine, his wife, were married Sept. 9, 1800.
Daniel Fristoe departed this life Nov. 3, 1774, in the 35th year of his age.
George Williams, Sr., departed this life July 4, 1791.
James Grinstead departed this life on Sunday evening, April 6, 1807. Aged 84 years and 4 months.
Thomas Fristoe departed this life April 23, 1815.