Emery Bible

This Bible was submitted by Cindy Rockow.

Presented/printed by Orleans County DAR Chapter, NY; Volume B-232, 1758-1940; page 6.

Bible published, Philadelphia, PA, 1852 by Jesper Harding.

Present owner: Mrs. Helen Grace Emery Love, 2348 Norway Road, Kendall, NY, 14476, granddaughter.




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Robert and Rhoda Emery were married Oct. 7, 1841

Arthur Emery and Myrtie Eckler, Oct. 26, 1886

Horace Emery and Marilla Dutcher

William Emery and Stella Merriman

John Henry Emery and Rebecca Boyce

Albert Emery and Josephine Merriman

Walter Emery and Emma Ryckman

Helen Lois Emery and Albert Hyde


Robert Emery was born Oct. 18, 1818

Rhoda Jane Andrews was born July 7, 1826

Their son Horace F. Emery was born Dec. 14, 1842

Their son Charles W. Emery was born Mar. 6, 1845

Their daughter Lois Hellen Emery was born Mar. 14, 1847

Their son Robert Eugene Emery was born Aug. 27, 1848

Their son John Henry Emery was born May 5, 1851

Their son William G. Emery was born Dec. 25, 1854

Their son Walter F. Emery was born Nov. 21, 1856

Their daughter Mary Emery was born Nov. 4, 1861

Their son Arthur Emery was born Nov. 15, 1865


Daughter Mary Emery died June 5th 1864 - - aged 2 yrs. 7 mo.

Robert Emery died Feb. 3, 1881, aged 61 years 3 months

Rhoda Jane Emery died Apr. 5, 1901 aged 75 years