Eastman Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testament,
New York, American Bible Society, 1849.

This Bible is in good condition. The binding is complete, with the
back cover detached, and with a small piece missing from the spine.
A front flyleaf containing the inscription was cleanly cut in half for
some reason. There are many leaves placed in the Bible.

There are many different handwritings in this Bible.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Inside Front Cover -- Newspaper Clipping]

"The Master is Come and Calleth for Thee" -St. John XI., 28

Written for the Gazette

I sat in the place of Sorrow and wept,
As Mary of old for Lazarus dead:
One holier than Martha stole to my side,
And whispered the words she spake in her stead;
The Angel of Faith said softly to me,
"The MASTER is come and calleth for thee."

I rose and obeyed; from the chamber of Grief
I went to the place where slumbered the dead:
I saw not his face -- I heard not his voice --
But the peace which He left was there in their stead.
I knew that the soul, though viewless to me,
Was risen, indeed; by Jesus set free.

Believing, I walk. Though all I hold dear
Should wander from sight, returning no more;
The Saviour who wept with Mary of old,
The lost ones of Earth at last will restore,
When the Angel of Death shall whisper to me,
"The MASTER is come and calleth for thee!"


[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Emily G. Eastman presented by her Grandmother Lawd January 1st
1850 [-1858 is written in pencil after this entry]

Emily Glover Eastman

[Page Two -- Family Record Marriages]

Walter B. Eastman & Sarah B. Lawd
Married in Lowell August 10th 1840 by Elder Thurston

William G. Fisher Jr. & Emily Eastman married by A.A.
Miner in Boston Sept. 25th 1863

Frank Eastman & Lydia Chesbra [??] by Rev. Justin Foot
at Pownal Vermont Jan 1 1869

Willie O. Eastman to Annie Stewart of North Adams
Jan. 29 -- 1880 --

[Page Three -- Family Records Births]

Emily Glover Eastman Born April 22 1841 Thursday
5 O'Clock PM ["Will's Mother" written in pencil above
this entry]

Mary Estelle Eastman Born 16th June 1845 Tuesday
[crossed out] Monday 11 1/2 P.M.

Estelle Eastman Born 3d October 1848 Tuesday
10 m past 1 A.M.

Wm. Frank Eastman ["William Franklin" written underneath]
Born January 1st 1850 Tuesday 10 Oclock P.M.

Walter B. Eastman Jr born Feb. 10th 1854 5 O-clock A.M.

Willie Oscar Eastman born June 30th 1855 10 m past
6 O'clock P.M.

[Page Four -- Family Records Births]

Emily G. Eastman Born April. 22. 1841 Thursday 5 O'Clock

Mary Estelle Eastman Born June 16. 1845. Monday 11 1/2 P.M.

Estelle Eastman Born October 3. 1848. Thursday 10. m. past. 1.

William [crossed out] Franklin Eastman Born. January 1st. 1850
Thursday 10. Oclock. P.M.

Walter B. Eastman Jr Born. Feb. 10. 1854. 5. Oclock A.M.

Willie Oscar Eastman. Born June 30. 1855. 10. m. Past. 6. O.Clock

Edwin B. Eastman Born Dec. 4th 1857 15m past 12 P.M.

[Page Five -- Family Record Deaths]

Mary Estelle Eastman Died Sept. 2d 1846 Aged 14 Months
20 days

Estelle Eastman Died Dec. 10th 1851 aged 3 years 2 months 7 days

Walter B. Eastman Jr. died Augst 3d 1854 aged 5 months 27 days

Edwin B. Eastman Died September 16 1858 aged 9 months 12 days
Thursday morn at quarter past 7.

Charlestown June 15. 1864. Wednesday Died at 5m of 9 in the evening.
Age 44 yrs 11 months 24 days W.B. Eastman

Sarah B. Eastman Died Dec 22. 1876 Age 63y 7m 11d Charlestown

Willie Oscar Eastman Died Sept. 1902. North Adams

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------