Dunning Records

This is a record from a set of genealogy research. It is not labelled
as a Bible page, so it may or may not be one. It does appear to be
mid-1800s handwriting, but since it is a photocopy, there is no way
to be sure. It may be an account in Michael's hand, submitted for
evidence for a Revolutionary War pension.

Accompanying this document is a very old photograph of a commission
of Michael Denning into as Captain of a company of soldiers of the
County of Albany, under the direction of Colonel John McCrea.

There is also a transcription of his will, and two pages of typed notes
describing the lineage of Theophilus Dunning "the fisherman" (in Salem,
Mass. circa 1648) through a set of people in New York, last date
Samuel Dunning who died in Dec. 30, 1876.

According to the will, it appears that nearly all the 13 children of
Michael survived to adulthood.

These records (none original, except the typed record) are in the
possession of Tracy St. Claire. The transcripts below were done by
her. All the records are scanned, but only the will and handwritten
record are transcribed.


All below verbatim from source.

-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Suspected Bible Page]

Michael Dunning was married to Hanah Green March 6th
1745 who died January the 9th 1775
Michael Dunning was married to Hanah Rowland
Feb. 18th 1777 who died April 29th 1803
Hanah Dunning was born Oct. 28th 1745
Tamazen was born Nov 13th 1746
Sarah was born Oct. 13th 1748
Michael was born August 20th 1750
Mary was born July 18th 1752
William was born April 10th 1754
Jesse was born May 26th 1756
James was born Dec 20th 1757
Ebenezer was born June 8th 1761
Betsey was born feb 23d 1763
Lewis was born March 11th 1765
John and Richard was born July 18th 1767
Michael Dunning was born June 30th 1726
father of the above family

[Page Two & Three, Will of Michael Dunning]

The will of Michael Dunning, on file in Saratoga,
Saratoga County, New York, the original of which is in the
possession of the compiler, confirms the family connection,
and is as follows:

"IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I, Michael Dunning
of Malta in the County of Saratoga and State of
New York considering the uncertainty of this mortal
life and being of sound and perfect mind and memory
blessed be Almighty God for the same Do make and
publish this my last will and testament in manner
and form following (that is to say) first I give
to my son Lewis one acre of land joining north of
his deeded land, Next I give to my son Michael two
acres of land joining north of the acre given to
Lewis. Next I give to my son William one acre of
Land joining north of the two acres of Land given
to Michael. Next I give to my son Jesse one acre
of Land joining north of the acre given to William.
Next I give to my son James one acre of Land joining
north of the acre given to Jesse. All the above
pieces of land to be bounded east on the highway
leading from Robert Hemphill's northerly and each
one to make the whole of their west fence. And the
remainder of my farm in the aforesaid Town of Malta I
give to Richard my youngest son with all the buildings
thereon and all the cattle of every kind and all the
farming utensils and all the Household furniture which
may belong to me at my decease and all provisions of
every kind in the house or in the field and all the
monies if any there should be except what shall be
herein after mentioned and fulfilled to my Daughters
as follows and first my daughters Hannah and Tamezin
have already received their portion. To my daughter
Sarah I give one Dollar yearly while she lives single.
Next to my daughter Mary I give one cow at my decease
and to Bettie my daughter I give one hundred and forty
Dollars to be paid as follows
(to wit) Fifty Dollars to be paid to her
when my will is opened and Fifty Dollars
in one Year thereafter and forty dollars the
third Year from the opening of my will and
one cow and the keeping of the cow two years
after my decease without cost to Bettie if
she lives single and the liberty of living
in the house and room for her goods and the
use of pots and kettles as she may need
and provisions to be provided for her one
year without cost to her if she lives
single and the cow above mentioned which I
give my daughter Betty to be given at my
decease and further I will that no account
of any monies against my sons that has been
paid by me or from my estate should be
brought against them and the Legacies or
sums of money I will and order to be paid
to the respective legatees which are herein
before mentioned by my son Richard Dunning
whom I have appointed to be sole administrator
of this my last will and testament, and I also
give to my sons the one undivided half of a
lot of Land the whole containing six hundred
and forty acres to be equally divided in quality
and quantity between William Dunning
and myself, this one half I give to my sons
in manner following, to Michael my oldest
son I give sixty acres, to William my son
I give sixty acres, to Jesse my son I give
forty acres, to my son James I give forty
acres, to my son Ebenezer I give forty
acres, to my son Lewis I give forty acres and
to my son John I give forty acres, this last
mentioned lot of land lies in Town of Garrand
so called in the county of Montgomery, and I
further hereby revoke all former wills by me
made in Witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and seal the Seventeenth day of
November in the Year of our Lord one thousand
Eight hundred and Nine.

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------