Ditchburn Bible

This Bible was submitted by Shelley.

"I've "rescued" an old family bible belonging to the DITCHBURN Family. The bible appears to have been published in England in the early 1800's, though there is no indication of the families location at that time.

Based on limited research I do find Robert & Mary DITCHBURN along with three children, Alice M.; Emma; and Clara DITCHBURN in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania during the 1880 census. Since Clara is not included in the bible I believe that the last entry in the bible was probably made in 1863. The 1880 census notes Clara's birth year as 1867/68.

Robert and Mary are both recorded as having been born in England as were all of their parents. The three children included as all said to have been born in PA, suggesting that the family was in the United States as early as 1861 when "Alice Mary" was said to have been born. I'm hoping to be able to return the bible to family."


"The family records included in the bible are as follows:"


DITCHBURN Family Bible
British & Foreign Bible Society, Blackfriars, London, England

· Peter & Ann DITCHBURN
o Isabella Willson b. March 23, 1818
o William Taylor DITCHBURN b. July 23, 1827, d. July 21, 1830
o Robert Forbes DITCHBURN b. Feb 12, 1829
· Martha DITCHBURN d. March 9, 1835, age 100
· Isabella SHIPLEY, d. June 15, 1853
· Peter DITCHBURN, d. June 7, 1859, age 66 years
· Robert F. & Mary A. DITCHBURN married Sept 10, 1850
o Phoebe Ann DITCHBURN b. Sept 1, 1851, d. Sept 7, 1851
o Juliet G. DITCHBURN b. April 11, 1854, d. May 21, 1854
o William E. DITCHBURN b. June 29, 1855, d. same day
o George Downing DITCHBURN b. October 5, 1857
o A. Mary DITCHBURN b. June 11, 1861
o Emma DITCHBURN b. November 10, 1863